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Colorized Domed Basketball Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

Colorized Domed Basketball Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 07-15-2016

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a new domed commemorative coin, this time with a quality, colorized finish! This beautiful coin shows off the design of a basketball as it commemorates the 125-year-old sport. While this is not the first colorized domed coin ever made, it is certainly one of the highest quality seen!

Domed Basketball Coin Coming Soon to MCM!

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) introduced its first dome-shaped silver coin this past January, which honors the 140th anniversary of the Library of Parliament in Canada. Seven months later, the Mint has launched its first colored and domed silver coin to mark the 125th anniversary of the invention of basketball, one of the most popular team sports in the world.

Domed Coins have become increasingly popular with collectors in the past couple years, and it is significant that most of the coins of this shape do not include the application of color - this one does. No other Mint in the world does colorized coins quite like the RCM, which seals the color onto the coin using its own special technology. This procedure makes their colorized coins much more vibrant and lifelike than colored coins from most other Mints.

Canada’s Basketball Coin Design

Struck out of 1 oz. of .9999 fine silver (coins from the RCM are the only world commemoratives issued in “four nines” purity, or .9999 purity), with a diameter of 36.07mm, and carrying a face value of $25, this dynamic coin features a stunning design created by Canadian artist, Glen Green. Struck in a domed shape that recreates the rounded shape of a basketball on its reverse side, it sports superb artwork that captures the essence and dynamism of the game.

The reverse design shows two basketball players in action. One player tries to score by getting a basketball in the net, while the other raises his arm to try to block him – a common yet superb example of the action-filled sport! A colorized image of a basketball is shown in the center of convex reverse. Very precise engraving was used to recreate the dimpled surfaces and recessed lines of the ball that are added to enhance the player’s grip.  The result is a very detailed depiction of a basketball… on a coin!

As legal tender of Canada, the coin’s obverse features the Susana Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II plus the inscriptions, “ELIZABETH II,” “D.G. REGINA,” and “25 DOLLARS.”

The coin carries a very low mintage limit of 8,500 and is sure to be a fast seller.

Colorized Domed Basketball Release is a Meaningful Collector’s Coin

As MCM General Manager, Andrew Salzberg said recently in an interview that so many different modern world commemoratives are issued now that it is important to focus on those coins whose themes and designs are truly meaningful for the collector. The new RCM basketball coin is a great example of just that - a meaningful and memorable coin with a unique design.

Three aspects of this coin stand out:

  • Its status as the first colorized domed coin from the RCM
  • Its very distinct, elegant, and above all quality design
  • Its use of this exceptional design to commemorate an extremely popular world-class sport

This popular sport is played and watched by millions of people around the world. This coin appeals to collectors not only because of its beautiful design, but also because it is such a fine commemoration of the sport. If you love basketball, you will love this coin!

Although it is not the first colorized domed coin, it is undoubtedly one of the most impressively made and well-designed coins to be issued. MCM will soon carry examples of this coin graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as Proof 69 and 70.

MCM also has a bullion option available to basketball fans through a 1 oz. silver round produced by Monarch Precious Metals. This silver round is exceptionally high-quality, and is domed with a detailed design of a basketball on its convex side. Check out this Domed Basketball 1 oz. Silver Round, and see if it could be something you would like in your silver stack.

Basketball – A Brief History

Basketball has its origins with Canadian James Naismith. Naismith moved the United States after studying physical education at McGill University in Canada, and he later founded the basketball program at the University of Kansas and wrote the first basketball rule book.

The sport was invented while Naismith was teaching physical education in Springfield, Massachusetts. In order to keep athletes moving while indoors during the cold winter months, he designed a high-cardio game where a ball was dribbled while a player was moving, and it had to be thrown through the opponent’s goal – a small basket mounted on a pole – to score. A game now well-known to us as basketball.

This game debuted on December 21, 1891 when ten students from Quebec played the first basketball game.  The game was then introduced to athletes and students elsewhere. In Canada, the women’s team was a four-time world champion between 1915 and 1940, and by the 1930s the sport had spread to over 50 countries! In 1936, it became an official Olympic sport at the Berlin games that year when Mr. Naismith was there to present a silver medal to the Windsor Ford V8s, the team from Windsor, Ontario. 

Basketball is truly a team sport, one in which each player has the opportunity to show his or her skills as a member of the team, as well as an individual player. Passes and rebounds can be just as important as slam dunks and other dramatic plays.

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