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Perth Mint's High Relief Silver Thor

Perth Mint's High Relief Silver Thor
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Posted: 06-23-2016

If you are interested in Norse mythology, check out this beautiful High Relief Silver coin struck by the Perth Mint. The Second coin in the Norse Gods coin series, this coin features the god Thor, wielding his mighty hammer Mjolnir! This exceptional coin is brushed with an artistic antiqued finish. In addition to its eye appeal, this recent issue is already sold out at the Perth Mint! Perhaps we have peaked your attention?

2016-P Perth Mint Ultra High Relief Antique Thor from Norse Gods series.

Increasingly Popular High Relief Coins

Since 2014 a particular type of coin has become especially popular with collectors of modern world coins. These are coins that typically feature these specific characteristics. They are rimless, made of two or more ounces of silver with an antique finish, and are struck in High or ultra High Relief with intricately engraved details in the design. You may have seen some of these yourself, many High Relief coins are carried by ModernCoinMart (MCM).

This approach, which was pioneered by the Perth Mint in Western Australia, is similar to that of High Relief art medals.  It was used to great effect with Perth’s 2014 Gods of Olympus and 2015 Goddesses of Olympus three-coin sets, which inspired more coins of this type from other world mints. Perth also used this format on its recent High Relief Kangaroo coin.

In the meantime, coins depicting another aspect of ancient mythology,  Nordic gods, have proliferated with several mints starting series of such coins over the past year. One of these is the highly popular Vikings coin series from the Scottsdale Mint, which MCM carries. Now Perth has also landed its name in the Nordic deity scene with the release in March of the first coin in a new series titled “Nordic Gods.” This first release, which featured Odin, was very popular and marked this as a coin series with a lot of promise. The next release will feature a god that is sure to bring even more attention – Thor!

Reverse of the 2016 2 oz. Ultra High Relief Antiqued Silver Thor.Thor in Norse Mythology

In ancient Norse mythology, Thor is the Son of Odin, king or “All-god” of the Nordic gods. Known as the god of thunder, he protects mankind with a powerful hammer named Mjolnir. He is described in many tales of mythology as being red-haired, fierce-eyed, and sporting a full red beard.

Stories of Thor and his spectacular adventures abound from the Norse people, and he is known as a fierce warrior and relentless opponent of his foes. One of his most incredible tales is foretold to be his battle against the World Eating serpent Jörmungandr, where he defeats and kills the creature, but dies along with it.

Thor’s fascinating tales and legends have garnered fame throughout the whole world – particularly in light of his relatively recent adaptation as a hero in the Marvel Universe! Multiple coins have been issued featuring this adaptation, such as in the 2015 Niue Avengers: Age of Ultron 5-Coin set. Few people do not know the name of this Norse god.

Perth Mint’s Thor CoinReverse of the 2016 2 oz. Ultra High Relief Antiqued Silver Thor.

Issued as legal tender under the authority of the island nation of Tuvalu and carrying a face value of $2, the 2016 Thor coin is made of 2 oz. of .999 fine silver with an expertly applied antique finish. This coin will be struck in ultra High Relief, making it a thick coin, yet with a large diameter of 40.6 mm it is just as wide as an American Silver Eagle. Mintage is extremely limited - it has been declared to be 2,000 by the Perth Mint!

The coin is not housed in a capsule due to the High Relief striking and extra thickness. It is presented in an attractive wooden box with the reverse image of the coin showing Thor imprinted onto the box. This box is smaller than the round ones used for the gods and goddess coins that some buyers found to be too large.

As with all British Commonwealth coins, the obverse depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II that was designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. The reverse shows the image of Thor, and was designed by Ing Ing Jong, one of the Mint’s most prolific and accomplished coin designers. Thor is rendered here in a style that is somewhat reminiscent of the Greek releases. In a twist from anything any other Mint has done, this artist from Perth takes an ancient subject and depicts it with a striking modern artistic perspective that really grabs the viewer. Despite the similarities, the Greek god issues were created by a different designer, Tom Vaughn.

Packaging of the 2016 2 oz. Ultra High Relief Antiqued Silver Thor. One of the differences with Perth’s Thor compared to the style of other Mint’s Norse Deity coins is that he is shown in action. He is pictured fighting the serpent Jörmungandr, as in the tale depicting his death. He grabs the World Eater by one of its massive fangs, lifting his hammer Mjolnir above his head in preparation for a mighty swing. Lighting shoots out from his hammer, truly showing Thor as the god of thunder!

This High Relief strike brings the design of Thor to life, and the antique finish goes perfectly with the ancient theme. As the second coin in this new Norse Gods coin series, the quality, beautiful design, and exceptional skill shown in producing this coin takes it a step above the many other issues. Perth Mint's Thor should continue to have a bright future with collectors of higher-end modern world coins as well as those with an interest in Norse mythology.

Just like with the previous Odin coin, this Thor coin sold out almost instantly at the Mint and most of its authorized distributors. This has caused both demand and price to rise quickly! MCM will soon carry this coin, allowing you to purchase some of the last available. Act quickly to secure one of these valuable coins for your collection!

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