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2016 Silver Panda Coins with PCGS First Strike Flag Labels Now Available

2016 Silver Panda Coins with PCGS First Strike Flag Labels Now Available
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Posted: 01-20-2016

Great news to those who choose PCGS as their preferred professional coin grading service! 2016 Chinese Silver Panda Coins with PCGS First Strike flag labels are now available for sale at ModernCoinMart (MCM). These Chinese coins and more are discussed in this article.

Chinese Silver Panda – Official Silver Bullion Coin of People's Republic of China

The Chinese Silver Panda, issued for the first time in 1983, forms part of an exciting series of Chinese silver coins. It is the official silver bullion coin of the People's Republic of China.

It is considered by many to be among the top silver bullion and Chinese coins available in the world today – and with good reason. The annual change in the design of the panda, coupled with a high silver content, have largely contributed to the coin’s success in the marketplace – both in China and abroad, including the United States.

2016 Silver Panda – Switch to Metric Measuring Units

The mystery of the “clean design” 2015 China Silver Panda has been resolved. The inscriptions for fineness, metal and weight are back on the 2016 issue. However, changes went beyond the customary annual change in the panda design, including the date, as will be explained here.

The 2016 Silver Panda comes inscribed “30 g Ag .999” - evident of a changeover from the English Troy oz. to the metric gram measuring unit. This leaves a slightly lighter China Panda than the 1 oz. China Silver Panda coins (1 troy oz. = 31.103g), inscribed “1oz Ag .999,” we became accustomed to over the years.

It should be noted that 2016 Silver Pandas are also available raw and graded by NGC (although the focus of this article will be on 2016 China Silver Panda 30g coins with PCGS First Strike flag labels).

Why the Decrease in Weight and the Changeover to Grams and Kilograms?

There is probably very little that can be more frustrating to a silver stacker than a reduction in the silver content of a coin, especially a silver bullion coin.

It was no different here – the reduction in the 2016 Silver Panda’s content was not welcomed by all. Fears in this regard are well founded, especially considering the history of debasement in terms of circulating silver coinage. However, consider a few things:

How many are aware that the first Chinese Silver Panda coins, issued from 1983 to 1985, were only .900 fine with a total silver weight of only 24.3g each? Today we are well ahead, even after the reduction in weight – so we seem to be in safe territory for now, at least.

How many are aware that the English measuring units “ounce” and “troy ounce” are almost unheard of in China? The move to grams is not only symbolic in nature, but also seems to be logical from a Chinese point of view. The move away from Troy oz. to grams and kilograms seems to be an ongoing event in China – a move fueled by the needs of the Chinese domestic market.

Why buy these 30g 2016 Chinese Silver Panda Coins?

It is the first time in history that these panda coins are issued in metric weights. This adds value and interest beyond the value of the silver content – making it a silver bullion coin with a true Chinese flair!

The 2016 Chinese Silver Panda, coupled with previous issues released in 2014 and 2015, makes a nice type set. The 2014 issue comes with the inscription “1oz Ag .999” on its obverse. This was followed by no inscription in terms of its fineness, metal and weight in 2015 – probably to prepare the public for the changeover to grams in terms of the 2016 issue.

The 2016 panda design features an impressive depiction of a panda resting on the branch of a tree – probably after enjoying a “tasty” meal of bamboo leaves, shoots and stems – its favorite food.

The details really stand out on this regular strike coin – the contrasts created by the different finishes look very appealing. This alone makes it a great addition to any collection – or to buy as a gift for someone special.

This panda coin is legal tender with a face value of 10 Yuan. It enjoys the full backing of the government of the People's Republic of China - part of the reason it is deemed one of the most popular silver bullion and Chinese coins available today.

2016 Panda Silver Coins with PCGS First Strike Flag Labels

30g 2016 China Panda Silver coins - certified and encapsulated by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) - are available for sale at MCM.

These 2016 panda coins are available in PCGS Mint State 69 and 70 (MS69 and MS70). Both the 2016 China 30g Silver Panda MS69 PCGS (First Strike) and 2016 China 30g Silver Panda MS70 PCGS (First Strike) come encapsulated within standard PCGS holders – designed for an optimal view and long-term coin protection.  

Each features a colorful Flag of China label – quite fitting given the country of issue. Each also comes with the PCGS First Strike designation – a designation used to refer to coins issued within the first 30 days of the coin’s release.

The 2016 China Silver Panda 30g MS70 FS PCGS Flag Label is an excellent choice for those who wish to acquire a limited run, high end, PCGS certified Chinese coin in top condition – a coin that sets itself apart from the rest.  

For those not familiar with PCGS, it is one of the most trusted and reputable third party coin grading services in the world. It was founded in 1985 – over 30 years ago. Certified coins bearing PCGS labels normally demand healthy premiums in the marketplace, especially in the United States – and with good reason.

Alternative Options Available – NGC Certified and Raw (Uncertified)

Although not the main focus of this article, MCM also offers 2016 China Panda Silver coins certified and encapsulated by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) – the largest third-party coin grading service in the world.

In addition, those who wish to buy these Chinese coins raw (uncertified), look no further than the following options available at MCM: Single coins, lots (3, 5 and 10 coins), sheets (1 sheet of 15 and 2 sheets of 30 coins) and monster boxes (450 coins per box).

MCM caters to all budgets and tastes when it comes to buying 30g 2016 Silver Pandas, including those with PCGS First Strike flag labels. Have your fill while stocks last!

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