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ModernCoinMart Now Carries Modern Russian Coins!

ModernCoinMart Now Carries Modern Russian Coins!
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Author Name: Oleg Zamansky
Posted: 04-28-2016

Modern Russian coins are particularly difficult to obtain here in the U.S. Because of this, Russian coins are considered hard-to-find and most dealers don't carry them. In an effort to change that trend, ModernCoinMart is adding a number of recently issued Russian commemorative silver coins! They have been certified by NGC, and ModernCoinMart has added an exclusive Russian themed label.

MCM Now Carries Modern Russian Coins!

Popularity of Russian Coins

The Russian coins are something of a paradox. Older Russian coins are extremely popular, however the newly minted coins are not. After fall of the Soviet Union, the regime in charge of Russian government chose to make the coins great once again. The two mint branches – The Moscow Mint and The St. Petersburg Mint (used to be known as The Leningrad Mint) were charged with the task of producing the coins to the highest level of perfection with numerous spectacular designs featuring various events in the Russian history, Russian flora and fauna, and the famous individuals that have had a significant impact upon the Russian culture. And this gamble worked, as today there are dozens of designs that are produced every year, and the popularity of these coins has skyrocketed!

Moscow Mint

Akhmat Kadyrov Mosque and Leningrad Zoo Russian Commemorative CoinsThe Moscow Mint produces coins for collectors and enthusiasts in Russia and all over the world. The history of coinage in Moscow dates back several centuries, but the founding of the modern numismatic enterprise is considered to be April 25, 1942. Made of base and precious metals, several of these numismatic coins are produced in various metals, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium – the most popular coin being the ballerina, which is produced every year and with an ever-changing design. This coin is struck from all four metals and in various sizes. Additionally, this coin is so widely popular, that it is available for sale at nearly any coin show through out the world, at any given time. Additionally, the Moscow Mint has evolved its technologies and striking capabilities to include colorization in the design process. This caused a significant spike in the collecting of these coins, solidified by the low mintage which resulted in extreme difficulty in obtaining them. Just like the Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, Great Britain’s Britannia, and the American Silver Eagle, the Russian Ballerina is now a corner stone of the foundation of many world coin collections. Almost every world coin collector at some point has purchased one of these coins for their collection.

Saint Petersburg MintBank of Russia and Architectural Monuments Commemorative Coins

The Saint Petersburg Mint is one of the world's largest mints and was founded by Peter the Great in 1724. It was built on the territory of Peter and Paul Fortress - the original citadel of St. Petersburg, Russia, according to Domenico Trezzini's designs from 1706-1740. This makes the Saint Petersburg Mint one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Saint Petersburg. Regular minting of circulated coins began in early January of 1800, when the Mint began increasing its supply of copper, silver, and gold. In 1805 the production became consistent and resulted in some of the most famous Russian coins known today. In 1978, then known as the Leningrad Mint, the Saint Petersburg Mint produced a series of twenty eight coins for the Moscow Olympics of 1980. This series was designed both in proof and brilliant uncirculated strikes and is of supreme popularity today due to its low mintage, spectacular designs, and the fact that this set was only available for purchase to American Express credit card holders.

Legacy of Russian Coinage

University and Russian Geographic Society Russian Commemorative CoinsFrom the time of the Soviet Union, the denomination for both the circulating coins and collector’s editions has changed multiple times, ranging from kopecks to rubles. Today, the denomination for the collector’s coins stands at three rubles and in this aspect 2015 year proved to be a historic year for the Russian numismatics as numerous coins were released - more than in any other year prior! These coins included the 170th Anniversary of the Russian Geographic Society, 200th Anniversary of the founding of the town of Derbent, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Year of Literature (colorized design), Protect Our World – Elk, the 10th Anniversary of the UN Convention Against Corruption, the 155th Anniversary of Bank of Russia, and many others, all produced by the Moscow Mint branch. The Saint Petersburg Mint in turn produced the following coins: the 50th Anniversary of First Man in Outer Space, the 150th Anniversary of the Leningrad Zoo, the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, the 16th World Aquatic Championship (colorized design), and much more. Together these designs prove that the Russian Mint is a tour-de-force in the numismatic world and a global player in the collector market.

The Russian Mint is without a doubt a significant numismatic achiever and has given the world spectacular designs. In addition to coins, the Russian Mint is famous for producing medals, including the highly desirable Order of Lenin and the Hero of the Soviet Union Medal. These medals were the highest medals achieved during World War II and were also given after 1945 as the highest achievement medals in cultural expansion. Yuri Gagarin (first man in space) was the recipient of the Order of Lenin and two time recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Collecting coins and medals from both branches of the Russian Mint is not only for professional investors and numismatists, but also for the average collector.

ModernCoinMart now carries many of these Modern Russian coins. These coins are very hard to obtain in the U.S., and because of this most dealers only stock older Russian coins. Take a look at their selection, and see if any of these Russian Commemoratives could be for you!

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About The Author

Oleg Zamansky Oleg Zamansky is the President and CEO of Coin Maestro, LLC and is an expert in foreign coins, paper money, medals, and sets. Oleg's coin career started in 1983 when his great-grandmother gave him his first foreign coin - 1 Israeli Shequel and ever since, his numismatic journey began. According to Mr. Zamansky, "Due to frequent volatile markets, people need to secure their investments and numismatics is the best way. Coin collecting is the most educating, investment protective business today, and also quite fun." Mr. Zamansky graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2001, became a partner at RINA Systems, LLC in 2005, and holds a 3rd degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Today, he is a member of the American Numismatic Association and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. Currently, Mr. Zamansky resides with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a contributing writer for ModernCoinMart. His thoughts and opinions may not be shared with MCM or its staff.

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