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Daniel in the Lion's Den Coin from Scottsdale Mint

Daniel in the Lion's Den Coin from Scottsdale Mint
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Posted: 02-03-2016 11:06:00 AM

The Scottsdale Mint has released their latest issue in the Biblical Coins Series - Daniel in the Lion's Den. This coin features a stunning image of Daniel in the Den of the Lions, a copy of a 19th century representation of the scene. ModernCoinMart is proud to carry a coin with such an incredible story behind it!

The Scottsdale Mint – Biblical Coin Series

In 2015, the Scottsdale Mint, in Scottsdale, Arizona has proven itself to be a major minting facility when it introduced a spectacular series of coins – The Biblical Coin Series. This exciting coin series presents various scenes featuring a rimless, high-relief design with an antique finish, thereby creating a dramatic effect for each portrayed image. Each coin in this series is packaged in a beautiful collectible box with a certificate of authenticity that matches the coin number that is laser etched on the coin’s edge. The laser etched serial number ranges from 1 to 1,499 as the total mintage of each coin in this series has been limited to 1,499 worldwide. In a stunning display of excellence and superb minting techniques, each coin in this series has an antique feel that coincides nicely with both the finish of the coin and the design subject matter.

The first coin in this incredible series was titled “Exodus” and presented an image from the bible of Moses and the Jews after they crossed the Red Sea. The waters crash down on the Egyptians attempting to follow them, drowning the entire army. Included on the certificate of authenticity for this coin was an image of Gustave Dore's "The Egyptians Drowned in the Red Sea," showing how accurately Scottsdale Mint recreated the original artwork. This series continued with “Crucifixion,” “David & Goliath,” “The Ten Commandments,” “The Pale Horse,” and “The New Jerusalem.”

The Latest Release – Daniel in the Lion’s Den

In 2016, this beautiful coin series continues with “Daniel in the Lion’s Den." The story of Daniel in the lion’s den is known to all, as it is the story of a man with a deep religious belief in an almighty God, and because of this Daniel is saved from being devoured by lions when being forced into their den by King Darius of Babylon. As the story goes, Daniel was raised to high office by King Darius the Mede. However, Daniel’s jealous rivals tricked the king into issuing a decree which banned prayer. Daniel was a zealous man, however, and he could not stop praying to his God. The king had no choice but to follow the law, and he sentenced Daniel to spend the night in the Lion’s den. In the morning, however, the King found Daniel to be still alive! An angel of God had protected Daniel from harm by shutting the mouths of the Lions. The King understood his mistake and sends Daniel’s rivals into the same lion’s den, where they immediately perish.

The featured coin of this article – Daniel in the Lion’s Den – portrays Daniel petting one lion at the center and surrounded by six other lions in the lion’s den on the obverse. The inscription “DANIEL IN THE LION’S DEN” is located at the top of this design. The reverse presents the Rafael Maklouf’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth the Second with the inscription QUEEN ELIZABETH located at the top of this design. The amount and purity of silver “2oz 999 FINE SILVER” is located on the right side of this coin. Additionally, the country of origin “NIUE” and the denomination of this coin “TWO DOLLARS” is located on the left side of this design. The year-date “2016” is located at the bottom of this coin. The edge of this incredible coin is smooth with the mintage number of this coin laser engraved on its edge. This number corresponds to the certificate of authenticity which is wonderfully presented within the original packaging for this coin.

The Biblical Coin Series – Excellent Coins to Collect

These coins truly present a rare opportunity to view superb engraving skills of the Scottsdale Mint. These Biblical coins were expertly struck in a three-dimensional antique finish on a matte background with an amazing high-relief design. All this was done on a 2 oz. .999 fine silver planchet, with a very limited mintage of 1,499 coins. The Scottsdale Mint is proud to launch the greatest and oldest stories in history - as legal tender coins. The Biblical stories are important because they teach not just about the history of man but to believe in something much greater than ourselves. This coin series is extremely popular for both historical and religious scholars and numismatists alike and with the limited worldwide mintage of 1,499 these coins are history brought to life!

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