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Mint Errors: The Creation of a Collectible

Mint Errors: The Creation of a Collectible
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Author Name: Brian Comp Jr.
Posted: 05-14-2018

For many years, Numismatists have found interest in the discoveries of mint error coins. The result of various mishaps, these rare finds often garner a hefty price tag when collectors claim them.

After third-party grading service, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, identified a missing Mint mark error on five, 2014 5 oz. America the Beautiful coins, collectors may find themselves on the lookout for unnoticed rarities within their collections! 



Mint Errors: The Creation of a Collectible

A new U.S. Mint error coin has been identified. This discovery was made by the experts at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. While examining 2014-P Great Smoky Mountains 5 oz. silver America the Beautiful quarters, several were found to lack “P” mintmarks. This is a major Mint error and at the time of this writing, only five have been found.

All of the vapor-blasted 5 oz. silver America the Beautiful quarters display mint marks, regardless of date or design. In addition to their matte finish, the mint mark is one of the most obvious traits that separate these coins from the standard bullion version. The Mint mark on non-error 2014-P Great Smoky Mountains 5 oz. silver quarters is on the obverse, just below the inscription “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

Small errors creating large price tags

This particular coin could easily be compared to the famous 1990-S proof Lincoln cent specimens that lack mint marks. There are perhaps a few hundred of these cents that exist and top-quality specimens have sold for nearly $20,000 at auction on multiple occasions.

The new Great Smoky Mountains error coin could also be compared to the Sacagawea Mule coins of 2000. Approximately 16 of these are known and many of them have sold for $50,000 or more. These specimens had the obverse of a 50 State quarter and the reverse of a Sacagawea dollar.

Additional Mint error coins have sparked interest when sold for large amounts, including a PCGS 1990 No S Cent, PR69 Red Deep Cameo selling for $19,975!

The discovery of a new, major Mint error is quite exciting. It’s possible that more specimens of the 2014-P no mintmark Great Smoky Mountains 5 oz. silver quarter may be found in the future. However, very few are known at this point which makes it an exceptionally appealing coin.

ModernCoinMart is proud to soon offer four of the five coins that have currently been discovered, giving customers the opportunity to add this NGC-certified Mint error coin to their collection.

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