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MCM’s Best at the ANA World’s Fair of Money

MCM’s Best at the ANA World’s Fair of Money
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Author Name: Sean McConeghy
Posted: 09-04-2018

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) held the biggest event of the numismatic year, running from August 14 - 18 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Businesses, hobbyists, and experts gathered together to share, learn and collaborate about their favorite hobby: coin collecting. 

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) held the biggest event of the numismatic year last week. The event ran from Aug. 14-18 at the Philadelphia Convention Center as businesses, hobbyists, and experts gathered together to share, learn, and collaborate about their favorite hobby. All told, over a billion dollars of coins were on display.

As one of the top coin sellers in the United States, ModernCoinMart (MCM) was there in force. Our team members brought an exclusive selection of coins to the show, and the attendees loved them! In fact, MCM had its most successful event ever. Here’s some information about the coins and medals that generated so much interest…

The Coca-Cola® brand is second to none in the world of collecting in no small part thanks to the efforts of its expert marketers. They wanted a bottle that “was recognisable [sic] even in the dark, or if it was broken.” It is safe to say that they got what they wanted, as the unique shape of the company’s bottles continues to be recognizable throughout the world more than a century after it was designed. Today, the historic bottles are one of many items of the company’s items that collectors seek.

A silver bottle, though, would be cumbersome and expensive, so the Perth Mint struck the next best thing: a Coca-Cola bottlecap coin. This coin, which weighs six grams and is .999 fine silver, was a hit in Philadelphia. In fact, collectors bought up every one of the coins that our team brought with them, going home with mementos that will be passed down for decades.

Two brands came together on two of the other popular pieces. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame was at the show with an Elvis look alike to celebrate the issue of two Elvis medallions. One is silver and the other is silver with gold plating. The latter had a limited mintage of just 1,000 pieces, meaning that just a lucky few will be able to get them. The medallions feature a portrait of Elvis looking at the holder against a checkered background. A replica of his signature is beside him.

The grandfather of modern bullion coins, the Gold Krugerrand, turned 50 last year. The coin features the portrait of Paul Kruger, who served as South Africa’s President from 1883-1890. He is still honored as a hero by millions throughout the country. On the reverse is a springbok, a nimble deer that is native to the African continent.

The South African Mint celebrated the coin’s important anniversary by releasing the first ever Silver Krugerrand commemorative. This year, the mint released a bullion Silver Krugerrand, opening the doors for countless additional collectors to enjoy these beautiful designs in fine silver. The coins impressed attendees, and many took advantage of the opportunity to pick some up at our booth.

We also brought Silver Wedge Tailed Eagles to the show. The young series marked the first ever collaboration of a U.S. Mint Chief Engraver and a foreign mint. That Chief Engraver was John Mercanti, who retired from the post in 2010. Mercanti designed each of the reverse designs that have appeared in the series since its inception. Historically, he is perhaps more famous for his design for the reverse of the American Silver Eagle, which has been used since the series began in 1986. Mercanti is a legend in American numismatics and was on hand at the show and meeting him was a highlight for many of the attendees.

Our reputation and strong relationship with our customers drew many to our booth, but so too did our exclusive 2018 Show Pandas. These were available exclusively from MCM and were the only show medals that the ANA licensed and recognized. The Chinese have a history of minting unique Pandas for specific numismatic events around the world, and they are among the most exclusive offerings produced by any government mint. There were four versions of the Show Pandas for this year’s ANA World’s Fair of Money: a one-ounce gold piece, a one-ounce silver piece, a 50-gram gold piece, and a 50-gram silver piece. Their low mintages were, respectively, 188, 1,888, 50, and 888 pieces. The mintages of three of the four pay homage to the number  “8,” which is considered lucky in Asia.

The obverse design of these Show Pandas was inspired by the 2000 Silver Panda. The World’s Fair of Money was also held in Philadelphia in 2000. In this case, a seated panda holds the logo of the ANA, which has a lamp sitting on a book. This represents the quest for knowledge. Rim inscriptions include the weight and purity in English and Chinese and the date. The reverse has a pair of icons that are associated with the city of Philadelphia. One is the reverse of the Franklin half dollar, which was issued in the middle of the 20th century. That bore the Liberty Bell, the city’s most famous landmark. Independence Hall, where the Constitution was debated and adopted, makes for a stunning background. “ANA WORLD’S FAIR OF MONEY 2018” is inscribed in both English and Chinese.

While the rest of the pieces that we brought to the show were inspired by the terrestrial, the final pieces that we had with us were considerably more… lofty. Since the first manned space flight in 1965, the Robbins Company of Attleboro, Massachusetts has been striking medals for each space flight. These medals were the only collectibles flown into space exclusively for those who were involved with the missions. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the one on which man finally set foot on the moon, MCM worked with members of the Armstrong family to create commemoratives of the medallions from the historic mission for collectors.

Two medals, one copper and the other silver plated, were issued and were on hand for collectors in Philadelphia. The mission patch serves as the obverse design, while the reverse is stamped with the flight dates. The names of the three astronauts on the mission are also inscribed on them. ModernCoinMart was recently granted access to the original 1969 Apollo 11 Robbins Medal dies. Modeled after the originals, new dies were made to create today’s stunning commemorative Robbins Medals. References herein to the Apollo 11 astronauts is not intended to state or imply an endorsement, recommendation or approval by the astronauts, their families or their representatives, of the Robbins Medal commemorative program.

The World’s Fair of Money was a fantastic success as usual this year, and MCM was happy to be a part of that success. We were especially grateful for the opportunity to share with collectors many of our new and exciting pieces. Some of these pieces are already available on our website, and more will follow. Even if you couldn’t make the show, these coins and medals give you a great chance to share in the excitement and the history of one of the most important annual events on the collector calendar.

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