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2016 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Quarters

2016 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Quarters
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 04-07-2016

With 2016 being the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, what better way to celebrate than with U.S. issued America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver National Park Quarters! These large coins have become immensely popular and certainly have a place in any U.S. Coin collection or bullion stack.

An overview of the 2016 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Quarter Releases

5 oz. Silver America the Beautiful Quarter Series

As a result of the success of the State Quarter program, which ran from 1999 to 2009 and helped introduce millions of Americans to coin collecting, the U.S. Congress decided to create a second series of quarters with new reverse designs on each issue.  Beginning in 2010, the America the Beautiful Quarter Series (ATB) has seen the release of five new coins per year that honor America’s National Parks and sites. Unless extended, this series is scheduled to conclude in 2021.

The ATB quarters are also issued in a 5 oz. silver format with a three-inch diameter, making them the first and only U.S. silver coins ever issued that are larger than 1 oz. These silver coins come in two types: bullion coins with brilliant finishes that receive no special handling when produced, and vapor-blasted numismatic coins that have a matte finish, carry a “P” Mint mark for the Philadelphia Mint, and are produced with great care.

Growing Interest in the America the Beautiful Quarter Series

To this day some collectors of U.S. coins, especially those whose interests seldom stray from the classic coin series of the past, continue to dismiss these coins as large hunks of silver. But of much greater significance is the fact that interest in the series and demand for these coins have continued to grow over the years, and by now the ATB quarters are close to achieving what modern numismatic researcher Eric Jordan calls “series maturity.”

Interest in these coins has grown for several reasons, including especially: they carry some of the best and most intriguing designs of any coins issued in the modern period. The bullion coins often have deeply reflective fields that qualify them as proof-like and even Deep Prooflike (DPL) and Deep Mirror Prooflike (DMPL) coins; and both versions are collected both raw or ungraded and increasingly also graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and the professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). These certified coins sometimes come with special labels hand-signed by former U.S. Mint Director, Edmund Moy, or former Chief Engraver, John Mercanti.

Another important aspect to the ATB quarters series is the fact that while the two versions are, in theory, aimed at different types of buyers (silver stackers for the bullion and coin collectors for the “P” vapor blasted coins), in reality those with an interest in the series often buy both versions. The bullion coins, which in some cases have very low mintages for bullion pieces, have emerged as widely collected coins in their own right. That has a lot to do with the fact that the coins are sold for about the same premium over silver melt value as the 1 oz. American Silver Eagle coins, yet carry a tiny fraction of the mintages. This means there is little risk in purchasing the bullion issues, and much greater long-term potential for appreciation beyond silver value than there is for recent Silver Eagles.

Silver stackers continue to this day to prefer Silver Eagles as a bullion vehicle, and much of the demand for these coins continues to come from collectors. Both factors bode well for those who purchase the coins and hold them for the long-term, particularly at a time when silver is at what most precious metal experts believe is an attractive level.  Moreover, graded examples of these coins, especially of many of the most desirable issues in Specimen 70 for the “P” versions and Mint State 69 DMPL/DPL for the bullion coins, command substantial premiums. 

2016 America the Beautiful National Park Quarter Releases

Over the course of the past six years, mintage levels for the coins in this series have ebbed and flowed along with sales levels. Earlier this year the U.S. Mint announced that for 2016, the 7th year of issue for this series, the 5 oz. silver ATB Quarters will have an authorized mintage limit of 150,000 coins. This is the highest level since 2011 and appears to be based on rising demand for these coins.

The collector coins have an announced mintage of 30,000 coins, so if that level is reached the bullion coin mintage will not exceed 120,000 coins. However, based on demand levels, they may mint more than 120,000 bullion coins of each issue this year, provided that the overall total for both types does not exceed 150,000.



Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Park 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarter

The 2016 25c 5 oz. Silver ATB - Shawnee Quarters which commemorate the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois, mark the 31st issue in the ATB quarter series. The bullion quarters were made available by the U.S. Mint on February 1st, with the collector's specimen quarters being issued on the 25th. The Shawnee release features a reverse design by Justin Kunz showing a red-tailed hawk soaring over Camel Rock. It was engraved by Jim Licaretz. This beautiful forest is full of hiking trails, awe-inspiring rock formation, brilliant green trees in the spring and vibrant orange ones in the fall.



Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarter

The 2016 25c 5 oz. Silver ATB - Cumberland Gap Quarters, which honors Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, is the 32nd release in the series. Bullion quarters were made available April 4th, with collector's specimen quarters closely following in May. Featuring a reverse design by Barbara Fox and engraved by Joseph Menna, this coin pays tribute to a famous mountain pass in the Cumberland Mountains near the junction of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. It served as a key passageway through the Appalachian Mountains into the Western U.S. during the 18th century.



Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

Harper's Ferry 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarter

The 2016 25c 5 oz. Silver ATB - Harpers Ferry Quarter commemorates the history of the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. It is the 33rd coin in the series, and was first made available on June 6th as as the bullion quarter, followed by the collector's specimen quarters in July 14th. They depict a firehouse in Harper's Ferry, a historic town in West Virginia that is best known for the unsuccessful armed revolt by white abolitionist John Brown in 1859. He tried to start a slave revolt by taking over a military arsenal, but ended up making his last stand in the towns fire station.



Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarter

One of the most interesting releases this year is the 2016 25c 5 oz. Silver ATB - Theodore Roosevelt Quarters, which commemorate the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The 34th issue in the series, it was issued in bullion form on August 29th, followed by the collector's specimen quarters on October 6th.This coin features a great design of a young Roosevelt on his horse surveying land near the Little Mississippi River.  It was designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Phoebe Hemphill, two of the U.S. Mint’s most accomplished artists. The regular quarter will be launched at a ceremony on August 25 at the National Park, and the 5 oz. quarters are expected sometime that month.

President Roosevelt played an instrumental role in creating the National Park system and some of the most popular classic gold coins of all time by working with the leading sculptors of his time. For both reasons and for his many other achievements, he is widely admired by all Americans and especially by coin collectors and nature lovers.



Fort Moultrie National Monument

Fort Moultrie 5 oz. America the Beautiful Quarter

The final issues for the year are the 2016 25c 5 oz. Silver ATB - Fort Moultrie Quarters. Commemorating the infamous Fort Moultrie, the Fort Sumter National Monument, This 35th release was released as a bullion quarter on November 14th. This was soon followed on December 8th by the collector's version. The coin, which was designed by Richard Scott and engraved by Joseph Menna, depicts Sergeant William Jasper as he returns his regimental flag to the ramparts while under attack from a British ship. The fort is part of a series of fortifications built to protect Charleston, South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War.


The 5 oz. Silver America the Beautiful Quarter coin series is one of the most important, and also one of the longest-running modern U.S. coin series with changing reverse designs. Like its predecessor, the U.S. State Quarter coin series, this America the Beautiful quarter series has helped stimulate interest in numismatics. The series continues to attract new collectors and is a great way to accumulate silver while also developing a large collection of coins with interesting designs!

ModernCoinMart carries graded and ungraded examples of all the 2016 bullion and collector issue ATB quarters released this year. They also have a very good inventory of back-date America the Beautiful quarters for any that are looking to fill any gaps in their collection! Take a look at our selection, and see if there is anything you are looking for.

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