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Buy Ancient Coins from the Silk Road

Buy Ancient Coins from the Silk Road
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Author Name: Hayden Tubbs
Posted: 09-27-2016

The Silk Road stands in history as one of the longest and most successful trade routes. The luxury items it conveyed from the Far East to Constantinople and other Major Mediterranean destinations often were paid for with precious silver coins. One of these coins, a Silver Hemidrachm of Tabaristan, is available for you to buy at ModernCoinMart right now!

Coins That Traveled the Silk Road

Silk Road – Early Transcontinental Express

The Ancient Silk Road conjures up exotic images of heavily laden caravans transporting spices, silks, and jewels across the deserts of Arabia and the mountains of China. This historic trade route stretched over 7,000 miles and served not only as a highway for commerce, but also as a transcontinental express where politics, religion, culture, and philosophy were freely exchanged in a manner unheard of before the internet.

Beginning in the Far East Chinese city of Chang’an, the road passed around the great central desert in China named Taklimakan, or “Land of Death.” The road splits both north and south around these empty wastes. The southern route passed through lower China, India, and Persia until it reached the Eastern Mediterranean. The northern route reached all the way past the Caspian Sea to Constantinople. This took the Road directly past Tabaristan, a fertile and prosperous city that was quite a jewel in the desert.

Province of TabaristanObverse of the Silver Hemidrachm of Tabaristan

Tabaristan was a city-state that sat squarely atop the main northern leg of Silk Road and next to the Caspian Sea. During a time when much of the world was stuck in the Dark Ages, Tabaristan prospered from the continuous stream of trade and luxuries from the Far East. It was the capitol of the powerful Isphabad Dynasty, that was responsible for minting Silver Hemidrachm (1/2 drachm) that were circulated all across the Silk Road. They designed these coins with a symbol that represented their god – fire.

These Silver Hemidrachm were just the coins that merchants needed to purchase their valuable goods. Over the years, these small silver coins became very well-trusted and were one of the main coins used along the Silk Road. Tabaristan Hemidrachms were handed down through generations of merchants, and carried all the way from Constantinople to China. Despite the heavy circulation you would expect a coin like this to have, MCM carries these coins in uncirculated condition!

Reverse of the Silver Hemidrachm of Tabaristan.Buy Ancient Coins Once Carried along the Silk Road!

While the Silk Road is no longer operational, the coins which circulated along it have survived. MCM offers Silver Hemidrachms of Tabaristan to customers, which were uncovered in a hoard that preserved them in Mint State condition! They have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), the only third-party coin grading company with a division focused on certifying ancient coins. This lets you rest easy with the knowledge that Ancient coin experts have examined your coins, and determined their authenticity and condition.

Take a look at what MCM has to offer. Maybe one of these ancient coins will fit your collection.

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