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Coca-Cola Collections Around the World

Coca-Cola Collections Around the World
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Posted: 11-29-2017

Since the company’s introduction in 1886, Coca-Cola has grown to be one of the most widely recognized brands around the world. 

Through our partnership with Coca-Cola to create the officially licensed Coca-Cola bottle cap-shaped coins, we are excited to unite collectors of both coins and Coca-Cola memorabilia.

Because in the end, whether you’re collecting Silver Eagles or bottles, it’s the spirit of collecting that connects us all.

Take a look at some of the world’s most-impressive Coca-Cola collections below! 

*All images belong to Coca-Cola.

The simplistic and upbeat red and white colors of the Coca-Cola brand perfectly pair with the bubbly spirit that embodies the company’s timeless branding making Coca-Cola's branding beloved through generations. It is perhaps for these reasons, that Coca-Cola memorabilia has become popularly collected by fans of all ages.

Gabriel Romero, Mexico

Gabriel began collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia when he was just eight years old.  Now, over 60 years later, he has Mexico’s largest Coca-Cola collection!

Gabriel’s 157-inch Christmas tree features exclusively Coca-Cola decorations 

A central focal point to Gabriel’s collection is his Coca-Cola village that features over 100 houses and characters from the Coca-Cola Town Square collection. 

Gabriel’s family’s love for the holiday season shines through their Coca-Cola collection. They collect exclusively Santa Clauses, bears, reindeers and other holiday-themed Coca-Cola memorabilia. 

Dave Allen, UK

David Allen’s collection of over 4,000 Coca-Cola-branded items is his lifelong love. David, who began collecting in 1985 when he was just ten years old, immediately fell in love with Coca-Cola’s logo.

Since his first purchase of a misprinted can, David has devoted countless hours researching and finding meaningful Coca-Cola items to grow his collection.

David’s collection of 1960’s magazine advertisements are a special highlight within his collection.

David enjoys collecting Coca-Cola bottles from various years. 

Lillian O'Donoghue, Ireland

Lillian O’Donoghue began collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia in 1984 when she was traveling through several countries and found that she could find a familiar treat – an ice-cold Coca-Cola in new places. It was this friendly realization that stirred Lillian to decorate her home in Ireland with Coca-Cola décor. 

Lilian and her husband, Barry in their Coca-Cola-themed home.

Lillian’s collection now features over 300 Coca-Cola-branded items. 

ModernCoinMart is proud to offer a new exclusive product as a result of our partnership with Coca-Cola. To join the two worlds of Coca-Cola memorabilia and numismatics together, we are proud to offer the world’s first-ever Coca-Cola bottle cap-shaped proof silver coin!

Struck with 6 g of .999 fine silver, these highly collectible coins have a limited mintage of just 25,000 and are available exclusively at ModernCoinMart.

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