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Captain America Celebrates 75 Years!

Captain America Celebrates 75 Years!
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Author Name: Brian Comp Jr.
Posted: 09-06-2016

Marvel fans all over America are excited for Captain America's 75th Anniversary happening in 2016. To commemorate this exciting event, a statue of Captain America is going to be unveiled in Brooklyn, his hometown. In addition to this monumental unveiling, ModernCoinMart is carrying special commemoratives! 

MARVEL celebrates Captain Americas 75th anniversary with a new statue in Brooklyn.

Of all the superheroes in the Marvel universe, Captain America (Steve Rogers) inarguably holds the title of most patriotic. Marvel is celebrating the Captain's 75th anniversary in 2016 and has had an impressive statue modeled after his likeliness commissioned. Recently unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego, the statue instantly had fans waiting in anticipation.

Captain America was first introduced to fans by Timely Comics in 1941 when he appeared in Captain America Comics #1. There have been plenty of characters that have entered the Marvel universe over the years, but Captain America is both one of the most popular, and longest lasting. Even today, he consistently ranks in the top few places of popularity polls. The most recent Captain America movie, Captain America: Civil War grossed over $1,000,000,000 around the world making it one of the most successful movies in years. 

The new Captain America Statue on display

Captain America's Bronze Statue 

An exciting accomplishment for the Marvel fan-base, the statue of Captain America is about 13’ tall and weighs approximately 1 ton. The upper portion of the statue shows Captain America holding his shield up high. Just below his feet, the base has well-known quote from the movie, “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.” The central portion of the base reads “Hometown Pride,” “Est. 1941,” and “Celebrating 75 Heroic Years.”

While the statue has already begun its journey to New York, it won’t reach its final location until October. It will be at Prospect Park beginning on August 10th, and will be moved to Barclays Center in September. Finally, it will reach Sunset Park in October where it will stay.

If you’re a fan of the comic, you will be delighted to know that an exclusive Captain America comic book was released at Comic Con. The cover of this special issue shows the superhero in action with his bronze statue just a few yards away.

Exclusive Captain America coins are available at MCM.

Captain America may have made his debut 75 years ago, but it could be argued that he’s more popular than ever today. Regardless of which superhero is your favorite, you should browse the 2016 Captain America: Civil War coins available exclusively at ModernCoinMart (MCM). As always, MCM has plenty to offer. The coins from this series are available in Proof 70 and Proof 69 grades with the very hard to get First Day of Issue designation! You can also get them in their original Mint packaging. In addition to their current Marvel inventory, MCM has something special planned for Captain America's 75th anniversary.

Captain America Shield-Shaped Coin

As incredible as the Captain America Bronze statue is, MCM has their own way of honoring the hero - a 2 oz. Silver Coin struck to look like Captain America's shield!

One of the most recognized symbols in the Marvel universe, Cap’s shield was created back in World War II. Since then, it has protected not only Captain America, but also America itself from the threats of many diabolical villains and organizations. Now, as a numismatic first, you can actually own his shield as a coin!

This coin was struck using a special minting process that allowed the coin to be dome-shaped. The design on the front of the shield has been struck onto the convex side of this coin. A detailed colorized finish was added, providing the sharp, clean look that we know today as Captain America’s shield! It is definitely a large coin as well, with its 2 oz. of silver struck to a diameter of 50.8 mm.

2016 $2 2 oz. Silver Domed Captain America Shield Coin.

This Captain America Shield Coin will come in a sharp, black-laquer display case created specifically for this 75th anniversary event. The Shield is set on luxurious, soft, white satin that gives the coin a premium appeal from the moment you open its case. Every coin will include a very special numbered certificate of authenticity that has been struck out of 2g of .999 fine silver. As well, a small Cloisonné style lapel pin that looks just like Cap’s shield will be included.

This is an officially licensed Marvel product, and a great item to add to your collection of Captain America memorabilia. This coin, like the Captain America: Civil War set, is legal tender of the Island Nation of Fiji for $2. The concave obverse side will show the Fiji Coat of Arms.

MCM currently has these coins available in their original Mint packaging, but also graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as Proof 69 Ultra Cameo and Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. We also have a limited quantity of Shield-shaped coins graded Proof 70 First Day of Issue. Only 7,500 of these coins will be produced, so don't expect them to last long!

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