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Canadian Superman v Batman Coins Available at MCM!

Canadian Superman v Batman Coins Available at MCM!
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Posted: 03-30-2016

Were you a fan of the Batman v Superman movie? These commemoratives, struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, will serve as great and valuable memorabilia to add to your collection! ModernCoinMart has these available as they come from the Mint, as well as certified by NGC.

The Royal Canadian Mint has once again proven itself to be a tour-de-force of the numismatic world by unleashing the Batman v Superman nine-coin series. The world of superheroes has gotten brighter due to this fantastic release of new coins. Each of these new coins shine with amazing brilliance and the beautiful designs radiate with the strength that each superhero depicted on these coins possesses.

This coin series has been released to coincide with the cinematic release of the Batman v Superman directed by Zack Snyder. “Dawn of Justice” stars Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. As this film is expected to do a sensational job entertaining the public, these coins are expected to provide immense joy for the numismatic experience, as they are produced by one of the world leader in numismatics – the Royal Canadian Mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Superhero History

In 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint made numismatic history by issuing the world's first colorized 7-coin series entirely devoted to Superman. Five of these coins were stuck in silver in various sizes and different finishes, one was struck in gold, and one in copper-nickel allow. One of the coins in this series included a stunning hologram design and the most popular coin in this series is still the most desirable Superman coin of all – the Superman shield.

In 2014, the Royal Canadian Mint followed suit to produce another spectacular four colorized coin series that continued the adventures of Superman. In this year, three silver and 1 gold coins were struck with a proof finish.

 In 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint has launched another milestone, when it created two separate series of coins devoted to Superman! The first series was comprised of four colorized coins – three silver one ounce coins and one gold quarter ounce coin, all stuck using the stunning proof finish. The second series was comprised of four ½ oz. silver matte finish coins.

The Coins in the Batman v Superman Series

Today, a very special series of coins has been released by the Royal Canadian Mint – A 9-coin set of Batman v Superman themed commemoratives! Each one is legal tender of Canada. This set is comprised of the following coins:

The one ounce silver colorized proof coin depicted Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This stunning coin has the mintage of only 12,500 coins and the face value of 20 Canadian dollars.

The next coin is the two ounce silver colorized proof coin depicted Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This incredible coin has a very low mintage of only 7,000 coins worldwide and a denomination of 30 Canadian dollars.

Following is the 4-coin set of colorized matte proof coins struck in half ounce of silver, each depicting the a specific superhero character – Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, with the fourth coin depicting the movie logo of Superman shield superimposed upon the Batman symbol. All four coins have the amazingly low mintage of only 15,000 coins and maintain the 10 Canadian dollars face value. Deluxe collector’s packaging case is available for all four coins with a place for the quarter ounce coin at the top.

The next coin in this spectacular series is the one quarter ounce specimen proof finish coin featuring a battle between Batman and Superman with the stunning denomination of 20 Canadian dollars.

The following coin has been struck in gold and has the lowest mintage of the entire series – 3,000 coins worldwide! It portrays Superman standing back-to-back with Batman gazing upwards with their profiles in the background. This phenomenal coin holds the face value of 100 Canadian dollars.

The most interesting coin however, is struck out of cupronickel using a specimen finish. What makes this coin unique is a lenticular design that portrays the silhouette of Batman portrayed in black color running forward that changes into the figure of Superman in red color flying forward. This coin has the largest mintage of this series – 30,000 coins – and a monetary value of 25 Canadian cents. The packaging here includes a stunning collection of four trading cards that are sure to be highly desirable.

The Mint Behind the Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced these marvelous works of numismatic art. Each issue features supreme minting quality and purity that are backed by the government of Canada to be legal tender at its face value. The Royal Canadian Mint has been a pioneer in numismatics for some time, and with their innovative coins they have pushed the numismatic boundaries further than any other Mint in the world.

Collecting coins from the Royal Canadian Mint is not only for professional numismatists, but also for the average collector or fan of Superheroes looking for a cool coin. From the ever famous Maple Leaf coins to the most recent Batman v Superman designs, the Royal Canadian Mint has created amazing treasures for all mankind for generations and will continue to astound the world even further with what is to come.

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