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2018 World Money Fair and Latest Coins from CIT

2018 World Money Fair and Latest Coins from CIT
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Posted: 02-13-2018

Don't miss these exciting new releases from the innovative CIT! Read about the hottest upcoming coins, here at MCM.

New CIT releases

Every year since 1970 thousands of coin collectors from Europe and around the world gather in the German city of Berlin to attend the world’s biggest annual coin convention, the World Money Fair.

This show is geared towards world coins, and representatives from the major mints around the world provide presentations and examples of their upcoming numismatic products and latest innovations in coin production.  Mint officials meet with dealers, collectors, and the media to talk about coins.

The 2008 Berlin show was held from February 2 to 4, and this year’s guest of honor was the Royal Dutch Mint.

As always, Coin Invest Trust was at the show to unveil its latest line-up of diverse and unusual numismatic pieces that are minted by B.H. Mayer, the highly-regarded German mint.  CIT coins are distinctive and often break new ground in modern numismatics.   


The Tiffany Art series of 2 oz., antique silver coins for Palau is one of the best examples of CIT’s amazing Smartminting approach to high relief has already won five major coin awards. 

This spring the 14th coin of the series called “Orientalism” will be issued.  It depicts the Italian castle of Sammezzano, a palace in the province of Florence that is known for its Moorish architectural style that is found in North Africa, Spain, and Portugal. The castle was built in 1605 and has 365 rooms. 

The new coin will showcase in intricate detail the Moorish revival style of the palace, with the inside of the place depicted on the reverse side, while the obverse shows the outside. There is also a 1 kilo version of the coin with a mintage of 99 pieces, while the 2-oz. coin is limited to 999 coins.

Exotic butterfliesbutterfly coin

Exotic butterflies, a series from CIT for Palau that was issued between 2011 and 2017, had a different butterfly on eachcoin. For 2018 there will be a special 5 oz. silver coin called “The Dream Edition” that has seven butterflies on the left side of the reverse, while the right side shows the side of the face of a young woman with her eyes closed and head in her hand as she dreams. Only 555 coins were made.

Che Guevara

There will also be silver and gold coins that depict Che Guevara, the Argentine Marxist rebel leader who fought alongside Fidel Castro and who became a global countercultural symbol of rebellion.  The 1 oz.-silver piece will feature a portrait of Guevara in high relief that is so life-like it looks like a sculpture and only 1,000 coins are being issued.  There will also be a ½-gram gold version, and both coins will be issued under Mongolia. 

mount rushmore barMount Rushmore

The second release in the Liberty Bar collection of 1-oz. silver coins struck in the size of a rectangular bar on American symbols of liberty will depict Mount Rushmore, the famous sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota that depicts four of our most popular presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln.  The coin features high-relief renditions of the sculpture and is issued for the Cook Islands. Only 1,000 coins are being minted.   

Crystal Skull

A new series that combines skulls with Swarovski crystals is being launched for Equatorial Guinea with a 1-oz. silver coin, limited to 1,750 coins, that is called Vanity will combine a black proof finish with partial color application to create a stark contrast between the dark field and the skull struck in crystal.

Woodland Spirits

CIT is also launching a new series for Mongolia called Woodland Spirits that debuts with a 1-oz. silver coin that shows the profile of a fox near a bouquet of wildflowers.  Only 1,500 of these coins are being issued.

Wildlife Protection

The 9th coin in CIT’s award-winning Mongolian Wildlife Protection series will feature a wild boar with amber-colored eyes made from Swarovski crystals and high-relief minting as well as a mintage of just 2,500 coins.  There is also a ½-gram gold version that shows two boars with a 15,000 mintage.  This popular series will end next year.

Velociraptordinosaur coin

A sequel to another of the company’s most popular series called Evolution of Life that features fossils and other subjects related to prehistoric life is being launched in a striking new format of 3-oz. silver coins with a Prooflike finish and 65-millimeter diameter.  For 2018 there is the debut issue, “Velociraptor,” which is the most famous dinosaur from Mongolia.  Both sides have a red-rock finish and even the rim and edge are struck to resemble rock.

Little Secrets

CIT is especially proud of its new coin, “Little Secrets,” which takes incuse coins to another level.  The piece is made from 3 oz. of silver and uses a deeply incused approach on the reverse that creates a keyhole effect.  Inside the keyhole one can see part of a famous painting by American artist Bryce Cameron Liston called “And Everything Nice” that shows a young woman tying a ribbon into her hair.

sungazer lizard coinSungazer Lizard

Another new release is the fifth in the Shades of Nature series that depicts a sungazer lizard that is found in South Africa.  The coin features a gilded proof finish and the scales of the lizard with a micro-minting surface finish.  It is made from 25 grams of silver and has a mintage of 2,000 coins. 

These are just some of the new coins coming this spring from CIT. 

MCM expects to carry many of these exciting new issues.  

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