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2016 Proof American Gold Eagles

2016 Proof American Gold Eagles
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Posted: 04-22-2016 08:23:00 AM

Each year, collectors around the world eagerly anticipate the latest proof American Gold Eagles. So, why does everyone wait for the new proof issue? Is it just because that’s what they did last year? While there are some who keep on collecting no matter what once they’ve started following a series, we’ll take a look at why the 2016 proof American Gold Eagle has something to offer for everyone.

2016 Proof American Gold Eagles Available at ModernCoinMart

The Proof American Gold Eagle Series

While most of us know that Gold Eagles are made of 22 karat gold and are available in 4 sizes, that still doesn’t answer why you should be collecting them. This series started back in 1986, and unlike the bullion issue, the proof Gold Eagle wasn’t originally available in fractional sizes. The ½ oz. proof was introduced in 1987, and it was followed by the ¼ oz. and 1/10 oz. proofs of 1988.

Also, while the series is in its 30th year of production, there have been less than 30 dates with fractional proofs. No proof Gold Eagles were struck in 2009 at all. This was very upsetting for many of us!

Some Surprising Mintage Facts

2016 Fractional Proof Gold Eagles certified PCGS and NGCAs far as rarity goes, it’s like any other series of bullion coins. There are high mintage dates and sizes as well as low mintage dates and sizes. Things aren’t quite what some people expect here though. Some think that since the 1 oz. proof Gold Eagle is the most expensive that it will always have a lower mintage than the more affordable fractional sizes. The 1 oz. size only had the lowest proof mintage in 1991 and 1993. Two years, that’s it. All the other years that proofs were available, the lowest mintage belonged to either the ½ oz. or ¼ oz. size. Obviously things can change drastically from one year to the next, so take what you want from those facts.

Eye Appeal Anyone Can Appreciate

Aside from mintage figures and the resulting collectible value, the proof Gold Eagle is just a stunning coin in any size. Whether you want a 1 oz. coin, a 1/10 oz. coin, or something in between, you can’t beat the proof Gold Eagle when it comes to eye appeal. They’re all impressive and have plenty of fine details to take in when you have a few minutes to look closely. This alone is reason enough to collect them.

The design on the front of the 2016 proof Gold Eagle was originally created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Even today, over 100 years after it was first used for the Double Eagle, this design continues to keep gaining new admirers.

The back of each Gold Eagle also has a distinctly American look about it. This design was created by Miley Busiek. It features another American icon, the bald eagle, but in a peaceful family setting. While the bald eagle is often admired for its large size and natural strength, this other aspect of life is on display here.

ModernCoinMart’s 2016 Proof Gold Eagle Selection2016 Proof Gold Eagles with Exclusive Eagle and First Day of Issue Labels

As always, the ModernCoinMart (MCM) team has done everything possible to provide you with a wide selection of high quality coins at reasonable prices. For 2016, there are NGC and PCGS graded proof Gold Eagles available in all sizes as well as 4 coin sets. Among the selection of NGC graded options there are First Releases and Early Releases in PF69 and PF70. PCGS First Strike 2016 proof Gold Eagles are available with PR69 and PR70 grades.

There are also several labels to choose from. For PCGS coins, First Strike flag labels and Saint-Gaudens labels are available. On the NGC side there are American Eagle labels, 30th anniversary labels, Mercanti signed labels, and of course First Day of Issue labels for a lucky few. Regardless of which grading service or label is your favorite, MCM has plenty of 2016 proof Gold Eagles ready for you to add to your collection.

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