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2016 High Relief Silver Kookaburras

2016 High Relief Silver Kookaburras
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 05-10-2016

The Silver 2016 High Relief Silver Kookaburra will make a fine addition to your collection! ModernCoinMart will carry this beautiful new issue of 2016, along with the standard bullion coin and many past issues.

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Perth Mint's Silver Kookaburras

2016 marks the 27th year of production for the Australian $1 Silver Kookaburra, one of the Perth Mint’s flagship silver coin series. 

Kookaburras, which are birds known as terrestrial tree kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea, are one of the three most iconic Australian animals that are strongly associated with that country. The other two are koalas and kangaroos, which are also topics of silver coin series from the Perth Mint.

Kookaburras have long bills as well as colorful wings and tails, and they are probably best-known for their loud call that resembles human laughter. They are true carnivores, eating almost anything, and do not need to drink water because they get all their moisture from their food.

First launched in 1990 as a silver bullion coin, this series has depicted a different image of a kookaburra each year on the reverse side, except for the 2015 25th anniversary coin that used the original 1990 design. These coins have over the years become one of the most popular and widely-collected modern world coin series.

Widespread Appeal

The appeal of these coins spreads far beyond Australia, as these coins are collected by people all over their world! Anyone can appreciate their beautiful changing reverse designs, top-notch production standards, high silver purity, and limited mintages. 

These coins have long been considered a smart way to stack silver. Initially, they sell for a relatively low premium over spot value in the range of $5. Overtime, this premium grows since the previous issues are hard to find.  For example, the 2015 issues already retails for a $10 or higher premium over silver value.

The older issues carry substantial premiums, selling for as much as $80 or more for the first issue. That is largely because they were issued with a mintage of just 300,000 coins from 1990 to 2010. With time, as the coins are absorbed in collections and silver holdings, they become scarce.  But even at 500,000 coins the pieces issued since 2011 are still one of the lowest-mintage modern silver bullion coins in the world. Compar these to American Silver Eagles with mintages in the tens of millions!

2016 High Relief Proof Silver Kookaburra ReverseBeautiful Designs

Like all commonwealth coins, Kookaburras carry an obverse design that features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. The namesake Kookaburra reverse designs however feature a variety of poses and views, sometimes with more than one kookaburra.

To the left of each Kookaburra design is a “P” Mint mark for the Perth Mint.  The 1999 issue features a special “P100” Mint mark for the 100th anniversary of the Mint, and the 2015 issue has a “P25” Mint mark for the 25th anniversary of the series. Each coin also indicates its weight and silver purity, which is .999 fine.

In addition, silver bullion coins from Perth Mint are one of the very few that are released in original Mint capsules. The combination of one of the highest production standards of any Mint and the use of these capsules to protect the coins means that Kookaburras can survive in exemplary condition!

Great Collectors Items

The 1 oz. silver bullion series is not easy to complete as few coin retailers carry more than the current and perhaps one or two previous years. Putting together a complete set of graded coins, especially in Mint State 70 condition, is a very challenging undertaking! It can be highly rewarding one however for those looking for the fun of collecting and for the long-term potential for appreciation of these coins. That makes this an excellent series for specialization!

For buyers interested in larger silver versions of the Kookaburra, the Perth Mint also produces 2 and 10 oz. coins, as well as a 1 kilogram piece. Many of the older, large coins exist in very small numbers, often just a couple thousand coins or less, and of course sell for solid premiums. A number of the 10 oz. and kilo coins have mintages under 3,000. The 2 oz. version is no longer made, but the 10 oz. and 1 kilo coins continue to be produced. These versions do not have a pre-established or declared mintage like the 1 oz. coin, but after production ends, the Mint declares their final sales levels. 

Special Editions

Beyond the basic 1 oz. silver bullion series that currently consists of 27 coins, there are also certain special issues such 2016 High Relief Proof Silver Kookaburra Obverseas 1 oz. proof coins issued in 2015 and in 1996, 1992, and few other early years. Lunar privy-marked 1 oz. bullion coins starting in 2012 with mintages of 50-80,000 each; and other special versions in very limited numbers, usually colored, made for release at major coin shows. These come in ½ oz. and 1 oz. sizes as well as two-coin sets paired with Koala coins for some shows.

Since 2013, 1 oz. high-relief proof  coins have been issued, and then starting in 2015, a 5 oz. silver proof high relief coin has also been issued.  While the 1 oz. HR coins have a current mintage of only 10,000 pieces, the 5 oz. HR coins had a mintage of a mere 500 coins last year for the inaugural issue.  Those coins carry a substantial premium and are difficult to locate.

2016 High Relief Issues

For 2016 the mintage was increased to 1,000 coins for the 5 oz. HR proof issue, which reflects the high-demand for these gorgeous coins. The 2016 high relief issues, which use the same design as the bullion coin issued this year, depicts a laughing kookaburra perched on a fence in a typical Australian outback landscape setting.  The design was prepared by artist Natasha Muhl.

No other world Mint is better or more experienced at producing high-relief issues than the Perth Mint, and the 5 oz. HR coins truly need to be seen in-hand to be fully appreciated. Like most high relief coins, they have a smaller diameter than regular 1 oz. issues, coming in with a 40.6 millimeter diameter and are extra thick at 4 millimeters.

The amazing depth of relief of these coins creates a three-dimensional effect. They really pop in high relief and are works of numismatic art that resemble medallic sculpture.

You will treasure and enjoy these beautiful coins for many years.

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