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10 Bullion Bars and Rounds You Need

10 Bullion Bars and Rounds You Need
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 06-29-2015

Louis Golino explores 10 bullion bars and rounds you should add to your collection today! Scroll to the bottom of the article to purchase the items on this list.

Bullion buyers and investors are well-advised to own a diverse range of bullion bars and rounds and to invest in each of the four main precious metals: silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. 

Most precious metal experts suggest allocating greater resources towards silver and gold because of their long track record, but it is also recommended to own some platinum and palladium, which are becoming more important all the time because of their industrial applications.

Paying a low premium over spot is important, but so is buying products that provide the buyer confidence that the item is authentic and made to the highest quality standards.  Those aspects will also be important when the buyer decides to sell.

In addition, in case you have or are considering a precious metal IRA, it is important to know which products can be included.  All of the products below can be included.  For more information, consult your accountant or financial advisor.

Scroll to the bottom of the article to purchase the items on this list.

These ten products available from MCM have been selected with these criteria in mind:

1. Elemetal 2 ounce .999 Silver Privateer Ultra High Relief Round

This is the first of a new series of silver rounds struck in ultra high relief and made of two ounces of silver.  The round’s obverse shows a skull over a pirate’s wheel, and the reverse depicts a starboard view of a pirate ship such as the Jolly Roger.  It sells for a premium over its metal content and is designed not just as a store of silver but as a work of medallic art.  It has been getting rave reviews from buyers for its beautiful design and stunning level of detail never before seen on a bullion round, and the second round in this series is reportedly coming soon.  Elemetal is about to cease production of the first round.

2. Prospector 5 oz. .999 Silver Bar Sealed

These bars depict the classic American silver and gold prospectors who headed out West in search of riches in the 19th century.  They are also available as one-ounce bars and rounds, and as ten-ounce bars.  They are high quality products and are very popular because of their appealing design that is struck in great detail.

3. Royal Canadian Mint 10 Troy oz. .9999 Silver Bar

In addition to adding the highest level security features to its silver and gold Maple Leaf coins, the Royal Canadian Mint now also issues a new type of bullion bar.  Each ten-ounce silver bar has a unique silver number, RCM bullion finish, and is individually sealed in plastic.  The bars are made of the purest silver, .9999 fine.

4. MCM Star Silver 1 Troy oz. .999 Fine Silver Bar

These are MCM’s own line of high-quality bullion bars produced by Sunshine Minting of Idaho, which is well-known for producing bullion products of high quality and exacting standards.  These bars are one of MCM’s most popular bullion products and can be purchased individually or in larger lots.  In addition to the one ounce-silver bars, this product is also available as a round.

5. MCM Star Gold 1 Troy oz.  .9999 Fine Gold Bar

This is the gold counterpart to the MCM Star silver bar.  The gold version has a fineness of .9999 pure gold, and is individually serial numbered and packaged in plastic.  It is produced by Sunshine Minting, which is known for its high quality and attractive precious metal bars and rounds.

6. MCM Star Gold 1/10th Troy oz. .9999 Fine Gold Bar

It is always good to have bullion bars or rounds in different sizes, and these 1/10 oz. MCM Star gold bars will come in handy.  Each bar is individually serial numbered and packaged in plastic to protect the bar.  All MCM Star bullion products are made in the USA by Sunshine Minting.

7. Royal Canadian Mint 1 Troy oz. .9999 Gold Bar

This is the gold counterpart to the new Royal Canadian Mint silver bars that have the highest security standards.  In addition to having their own unique serial numbers, each bar also comes with an assay certificate to provide the buyer with full confidence in the authenticity of this bullion product.  

8. PAMP Suisse 1 oz. Platinum Bar- Sealed with Assay Certificate 

The Swiss manufacturer, PAMP, is legendary for the superb quality of its bullion bars and also produces some collector coins.  PAMP Suisse bars are recognized all over the world, making them easy to trade.  PAMP is a French acronym for Artistic Precious Metal Product, and each PAMP bar depicts Lady Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and luck in the Roman religion.  

9. Valcambi Suisse 50 gram Platinum .9995 CombiBar Individual Mini Bars

Valcambi Suisse, another Swiss bullion manufacturer that has a reputation for making the highest-quality products, offers this special 50 gram bar that can be broken up into 50 individual 1 gram bars.  This gives the owner great flexibility when they chose to sell some of the bar, or give it as a gift.  The genius of this product is that it combines the easier storage and lower premium advantages of larger bars, while the ability to break off a gram whenever needed.  When purchased in one-gram bars, precious metals are always more expensive, but not in this case.

Total weight of the bar is 1.6075.  Each individual one-gram bar is stamped with the Valcambi logo and states the weight and purity of the bar, and the CombiBar also comes with a signed assay certificate that specifies total weight, purity, and the unique serial number of each bar.  It also comes in a protective case.

10. Valcambi Suisse 50 gram Palladium .9995 CombiBar Individual Mini Bars

The same concept as the Valcambi Suisse platinum CombiBar, this is a palladium version that can also be divided into 50 individual 1 gram Valcambi stamped bars.  Total weight is 1.6075 troy ounces.  Like the gold CombiBars these come with the Valcambi assay signed by the assayer, indicating the total weight, the purity, and the serial number of the bar, and they come in a protective case. 



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