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Summer 2018 Coin Releases from the U.S. Mint

Summer 2018 Coin Releases from the U.S. Mint
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 06-21-2018

Coming soon to ModernCoinMart! The U.S. Mint provided release dates for the products being released this summer. Keep an eye out for some of the most highly anticipated coins of 2018. 

Summer is traditionally a slower period for numismatics. Collectors tend to pursue outdoor activities or go on vacation and coin conventions, apart from the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money, are slower than those held at other times of the year.

But it will hardly be a slow summer at the U.S. Mint, which in early June provided release dates for the products it is releasing this summer, which include many of the most highly anticipated coins of 2018.

America the Beautiful – Voyageurs National Park

On June 14 the Mint released the latest edition of its 5 oz-silver vapor-blasted America the Beautiful coins that carry a “P” mintmark for the Philadelphia Mint.  ModernCoinMart has a wide selection of graded and ungraded examples of the new issue, the Voyageurs National Park coin.

Located in Minnesota, this park is known for the presence of animals such as the common loon depicted on the reverse side of the coin that is shown on the water against a background of rock cliffs.

On July 12 the 2018-W American Gold Eagle uncirculated coin struck from 22 karat gold and on specially-burnished planchets will be released.  This year the Mint is using a new burgundy-colored presentation case for this piece.  Previous issues in this series include some of the lowest-mintage modern gold coins ever issued.  ModernCoinMart will have examples of this coin in stock soon after its release.

Reverse Proof Silver set

On July 23 the first-ever Reverse Proof Silver coin set will be issued to mark the 50th anniversary of when the San Francisco Mint took over production of Proof coins issued by the Mint and released the first U.S. Mint Silver Proof set in which all the coins featured an “S” mintmark. 

As a result of technological improvements, Proof coins issued by this mint over the past half century have in most cases been distinguished by their Deep Cameo surfaces in which there is a strong degree of contrast between the frosted design devices of the coin and the polished, mirrored background.

But as collectors of the various Reverse Proof coins issued by the Mint in recent years know, Reverse Proof coins simply reverse the normal approach to Proof coins and have mirrored artwork set against a frosted field. 

The new set will include two lenses with five coins each, as with the regular Silver Proof set, including one for the five 2018 America the Beautiful coins and one for the 2018 penny, nickel, dime, Kennedy half dollar, and Native American dollar.

It is also the perfect compliment to the 2017 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set issued to mark the 225th anniversary of the Mint, which is still available from ModernCoinMart.

Numismatists expect a lot of interest in these sets, and the Mint has not yet announced whether there will be a set mintage for them as well as any household or order limits. 

2018-S Proof Silver Eagle

Last year the Mint released the 2017-S American Silver Eagle Proof coin, which was issued as part of two sets – the 2017 Congratulations set and the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof set.  This coin was the first Proof piece from the San Francisco Mint issued since 2012 and one of the lowest-mintage coins of the series, especially for the Proof issues.

When the American Silver Eagle coin program debuted in 1986, all bullion pieces were struck at the San Francisco Mint and continued to be until 1998, while Proofs were issued at this Mint from 1986 through 1992 and then again in 2011 and 2012.

On August 14 collectors will be treated to the 2018-S coin in this iconic series, and the Mint has not yet announced any mintage limits or whether there will any household or order limits.

Presidential Silver Medals

Two days later, on August 16, the Mint will debut its new Silver Presidential Medal series.  As first announced in January, these medals are struck from 1 oz silver planchets with a .999 fineness and are the same size (40.6-millimeter diameter) as American Silver Eagles and will feature a Proof finish.

They are silver versions of the popular bronze presidential medals the Mint has issued for decades, and they are part of a recent effort by the Mint to provide collectors with more silver medals than in the past.

The new medal series kicks off with pieces for the first two presidents, George Washington and John Adams (the latter having served as Washington’s Vice President before his own term).  Then starting in 2019 four medals will be issued each year.

For more about the program, see our previous article.

America the Beautiful

On August 30 the next coin in the America the Beautiful series, the Cumberland Island National Seashore coin, launches. It honors the park in George and features a large crane standing on a branch with its wings spread.

Proof American Palladium Eagle Coin

On September 6, just three days after Labor Day, the Mint will release what most collectors consider to be the most anticipated U.S. coin of the year: the 2018-W Proof American Palladium Eagle.   

Struck at the West Point Mint, this will be a Proof version of the bullion coin that was released last September, which was the first palladium coin issued by the Mint and one of the most important modern coins ever issued.

Only 15,000 of those coins were made, and they sold out very quickly at ModernCoinMart and other coin companies.  Because they were bullion issues, they were not distributed directly by the Mint but by the network of authorized dealers that sell U.S. Mint bullion coins.  But the 2018-W version is a collector coin, so it will be sold by the Mint as well as by dealers. 

No mintage limit or other details have been provided by the Mint apart from the fact that the coin will carry the same classic design as last year’s coin with an obverse based on celebrated American sculptor Adolph Weinman’s Winged Liberty Head design. The design features a left-facing profile of Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap with wings.  

The reverse design was required by law to be based on the design of Weinman’s 1907 American Institute of Architects gold medal, which shows an American eagle perched on a rock while clutching tree branches in its beak.  Created in 1906, this design had never appeared on a coin until the release of the 2017 palladium bullion coin.

Expect a frenzy over this new Proof version, which will be available from ModernCoinMart most likely in both graded and raw examples. 


Keep your eye out for these and other highly anticipated releases on ModernCoinMart.com. 

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