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5 Far-Out Factoids You May Not Know About Woodstock

5 Far-Out Factoids You May Not Know About Woodstock
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Posted: 06-18-2019
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The Woodstock Music and Art Fair was arguably the most famous and influential of the 1960s music festivals. It occurred over August 15–18, 1969. 2019 Marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary festival. Keep reading to learn some far-out factoids that you might not know about three days of peace and music.

Dude, What’s Woodstock????

We’ve all heard of it. We all know that it was a big deal. The Woodstock Music and Art Fair was an iconic weekend concert that became a defining moment for a generation of young Americans. In fact, it named “Baby Boomers” as “The Woodstock Generation.” The Woodstock Music and Art Fair was arguably the most famous and influential of the 1960s music festivals. It occurred over August 15–18, 1969. The festival was put together by four entrepreneurs with no prior concert experience. Notable artists included Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, Ravi Shankar, Santana, the Who, and the Grateful Dead.

The festival had numerous problems: inadequate bathroom facilities, an abundance of mud, the food ran out on the first day and a lack of security that eventually made the festival a de facto “free concert,” because roughly 500,000 people simply walked in. One of the most notable things about this event was the lack of violence that occurred at Woodstock. This is in sharp contrast to Altamont —billed as the “West Coast Woodstock”-- and other notorious seminal music events in the sixties.

In the true sixties spirit of cooperation and brotherly love, the concert goers enjoyed their star studded weekend of “Peace, Love and Music” and took with them their memories and the ability to say “I was there.”

5 Factoids you might not know about Woodstock

1. The great Jimi Hendrix was the festival’s headliner. The festival was plagued with logistical problems and Hendrix—whose contract stipulated that nobody was supposed to perform after him—took the stage at 9 am Monday morning…FOUR days into a three day festival. His iconic “Star Spangled Banner” cover occurred near the end of his set and was not the opening number.

2. It took YEARS for the festival to turn a profit. The release of the Woodstock Movie allowed the promoters to pay off nearly all of the debt that they were left with after the festivities.

3. Rock superstar Santana performed at the first festival BEFORE his first record had even been released.

4. Woodstock didn’t actually happen in Woodstock, NY. The festival actually occurred in Bethel, NY at Max Yasgur’s dairy farm…some 90 miles away from Woodstock, NY. It retained the name “Woodstock” because Bob Dylan lived in that community and there was a “cool by association” element.

5. The Woodstock festival was devised as a way to pay for the construction of a recording studio located in Woodstock NY, where it was hoped Bob Dylan and other music luminaries of the day would record. Interestingly, Bob Dylan did not perform at the legendary Woodstock Festival.

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