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2022 United States Mint Product Schedule

2022 United States Mint Product Schedule
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Posted: 02-08-2022
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The United States Mint has an exciting 2022 in store for collectors. For the first time since 2010, collectors get a new quarters program. Read more to learn about the United States Mint Product Schedule for 2022.

The United States Mint has an exciting 2022 in store for collectors. For the first time since 2010, collectors get a new quarters program. This one will focus on women in American history. In addition, commemoratives offer their own appeal with issues celebrating the Negro Leagues and honoring the Purple Heart. The United States Mint will also honor America’s armed forces with medals for military branches. Here’s a look at some of the options that collectors will have in 2022.

On March 14th, 2022, the United States Mint announced that while they had intended to issue 2022 Proof Peace and Morgan Dollars, due to the global pandemic and the availability of silver blanks from the Mint’ suppliers, that neither will be issued in 2022. The Mint does plan to release Peace and Morgan Dollars in 2023.

This post will be updated regularly as the United States Mint releases more information. Details are subject to change depending on Mint updates. 

2022 Commemorative Negro Leagues Baseball Program            

Pre-Sale January 6th

An uncirculated and proof $5 gold coin will join proof and uncirculated silver dollars and half dollars honoring the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues. The gold coins will be struck from .243 oz of .900 fine gold. A Proof Silver Dollar with a special anniversary privy mark is also part of this poignant program. These coins were released as a pre-sale on January 6th.

Silver James K. Polk Presidential Medal 

February 14th

The James K. Polk’s Presidential Silver Medal was available on February 14th. The .999 fine medal follows the model of its predecessors in the series. The obverse will bear the President’s portrait, as well as inscriptions of his name and title. The year that he took office will also be included. The traditional Peace and Friendship design retains its place on the reverse.

2022 Commemorative National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Program

February 24th

The United States Mint will release several commemorative coins for the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. The Purple Heart honors those wounded or killed in action against an enemy. The program will consist of proof and uncirculated $5 gold coins, colorized proof, uncirculated silver dollars, and both a proof and an uncirculated half dollar. Their release date was on February 24th.

2022-W Platinum First Amendment to the United States Proof              

March 3rd    

The Mint continues its celebration of the United States of America’s constitution’s First Amendment and the rights secured therein this year with a Proof Platinum coin. The 2022 issue honors Freedom of Speech. Both faces of this coin will feature designs by women. Donna Weaver designed the obverse, an oak tree, while Patricia Lucas-Morris’s reverse design features an eagle. This proof was made available on March 3rd.

2.5 Ounce Silver United States Navy Medal

March 11th

On March 11th, the United States Mint paid homage to the United States Navy with a non-denominated 2.5 oz silver medal. The Navy plays an essential role in defending American interests throughout the globe and has filled countless roles since it was established in 1794.

2022 Proof American Gold Eagle

March 17th

Jennie Norris’s reverse design replaced Miley Busiek’s on the Proof Gold Eagle in mid-2021. Now the recently debuted design returns for its first full year. Like previous releases of this coin, the 2022 issue will include a tenth ounce, a quarter ounce, a half-ounce, and a full ounce version. The Mint released the 2022 proof editions on March 17th.

2022-S Proof Set

April 7th

The 2022-S Proof Set will be available for sale from the United States Mint on April 7th. This Proof Set will include a total of ten coins: a Lincoln Cent, a Jefferson Nickel, a Roosevelt Dime, a Kennedy Half Dollar, a Native American Dollar, and five of this year’s circulating quarter designs. In 2022, the United States Mint is issuing the first five designs in their American Women Quarters series. The 2022 editions feature prominent writer and social activist Maya Angelou, the first American woman in space and physicist Dr. Sally Ride, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller, New Mexican suffragette Nina Otero-Warren, and the first Chinese American film star, Anna May Wong. Each piece in the set will be struck with a Proof finish and will bear the San Francisco Mint’s “S” mint mark.

2022-W Congratulations Set

April 14th

The perfect gift for any collector celebrating a significant accomplishment this year is the 2022-W Congratulations Set. The set has a Proof Silver Eagle with the West Point Mint’s “W” mint mark. In addition, Emily Damstra’s Eagle Landing design returns to the reverse, while Adolph Weinman’s Walking Liberty retains its place on the obverse. This set, which includes a certificate of authenticity and themed packaging, will be released on April 14th.

2022 Proof American Silver Eagle

April 14th

The Type 2 Proof Silver Eagle returns for its first full year in 2022. The changes, which came into place in mid-2021, include the addition of Adolph Weinman’s artist mark, the introduction of an interrupted reeded edge, and a new Eagle Landing design by Emily Damstra on the reverse. The mint plans to release this proof on April 14th.

Silver Zachary Tyler Presidential Medal

May 2nd

On May 2nd, the mint will release the Zachary Taylor Presidential Silver Medal. Part of a series that celebrates America’s Commanders in Chief, this piece honors a leader whose primary goal was keeping the nation together. His portrait, yet to be revealed, will appear on the obverse along with his name, title, and year that he entered the Oval Office. As with previous releases, the reverse should bear the Peace and Friendship design.

2022 Proof American Gold Buffalo  

May 12th

Collectors who appreciate designs from America’s rich numismatic history will not want to miss the 2022 Gold Buffalo Proof. The series started in 2006 in response to collector demand for an American option that matches the purity of gold bullion from other countries. Both faces of the coin bear designs from the Buffalo Nickel of James Earle Fraser. The 2022 proof will be released on May 12th.

Burnished 2022 American Gold Eagle

Spring 2022

Since 2006, Burnished Gold Eagles have offered collectors a unique way to view what is widely considered the most beautiful design ever to appear on an American coin, the Saint-Gaudens. Jennie Norris’s stunning, closeup look at a bald eagle returns for its second year after replacing Miley Tucker-Frost’s, nee Busiek’s, design starting in 2021. The mint will begin selling the 2022 issue in the spring.

Burnished 2022 American Silver Eagle

Spring 2022

An Eagle Landing design by Emily Damstra replaced John Mercanti’s original Heraldic Eagle reverse design on the Burnished Silver Eagle in 2021. Other changes that were introduced simultaneously were the addition of an interrupted serrated edge and the addition of Adolph Weinman’s artist mark on the obverse. The changes remain in place for 2022. This latest edition will be released in the spring of 2022.

2022-S Silver Proof Set

Spring 2022

Admirers of America’s circulated coinage will love the 2022-S Silver Proof Set. The set has traditionally included the same coins that are included in the corresponding annual Proof Set. The difference is that the dime, quarter, and half dollar in this set are all struck from .999 fine silver. The penny, nickel, and dollar will be struck from base metals. Collectors will be able to purchase this set in the spring.

Uncirculated 2022 Coin Set

Spring 2022

The Philadelphia and Denver Mints will combine efforts for the 2022 Uncirculated coin set. The set traditionally include a Native American Dollar, a Kennedy Half, a dime, a nickel, a penny, and versions of the circulating quarters issued each year. The set usually includes one of each coin from both mints, and coins from the Denver Mint will bear “D” mint marks.

2022-W Reverse Proof American Palladium Eagle

Summer 2022

This summer, collectors will be treated to the second Reverse Proof Palladium Eagle. The Palladium Eagle is in its fifth anniversary year. Issues in this series bear two designs by Adolph Weinman. Weinman’s Winged Victory design, made famous on the Mercury Dime, will appear on the obverse, while his 1907 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal eagle design will be on the reverse.

1 Ounce Silver Proof American Liberty Medal

Summer 2022

2022 marks the fifth anniversary of the American Liberty Silver Medal Program. That program began in 2017 to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the United States Mint. Designs of the medals commemorate the evolution of our concept of Liberty. The 2022 edition is set to be released this summer. The Mint has not yet revealed the design.

Silver Millard Filmore Presidential Medal

Summer 2022

This summer, the mint will release the Millard Filmore Presidential Silver Medal. Fillmore became President when Zachary Taylor died. He was a central player in the Compromise of 1850 and the last member of the Whig Party to serve as President. His portrait will feature on the obverse with inscriptions of his name, title, and the year he became President. The Peace and Friendship design will be on the reverse as is typical of the series

U.S. Marine Corps Silver Medal--- U.S. Coast Guard Silver Medal--- U.S. Air Force Silver Medal

Summer 2022

Members, family members, and supporters of the United States military are sure to love medals honoring the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and the Air Force. All three medals will bear designs that are specific to the featured branch. These medals are slated for summer releases.

Silver Franklin Pierce Presidential Medal

Fall 2022

The United States Mint will continue its Presidential Silver Medal Series with a release featuring Franklin Pierce this fall. Pierce made a failed attempt to acquire Cuba, but his presidency is also marked by his signing of the Gadsden Purchase. The medal’s reverse will bear the Peace and Friendship design, while the obverse will have a portrait of Pierce along with inscriptions of his name, title, and the year that he was sworn in as President.

Limited Edition 2022-S Silver Proof Set

Fall 2022

In previous years, such sets have included a Roosevelt Dime, a Kennedy Half Dollar, a Silver Eagle, and examples of a year’s circulating quarter designs. Each piece will have the “S” mint mark of the San Francisco Mint, where they will be struck from .999 fine silver. This set is scheduled for an autumn release.

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