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Indo-Scythians, Silver Drachm of Azes I/II (after c.58 BC) NGC VF (Story Vault)

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Indo-Scythians, Silver Drachm of Azes I/II (after c.58 BC) NGC VF (Story Vault)

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Why add this ancient Silver Drachm of Scythian King Azes I/II to your collection?

This Silver Drachm was struck after c. 58 BC, under the rule of King Azes, the final Scythian king in Gandhara, western Pakistan. It is believed that this great king was responsible for sending and funding a representative named Caspar to pay homage to a newborn king. This was one of the "wise men of the east" spoken of in the Bible. If this is indeed the case, the funding he received would have been composed of silver drachms just like this!

Beautiful symbolic details

The coin's obverse portrays the king in a chain mail coat astride a horse, carrying a scepter, bordered by "The Great King of Kings Azes" inscribed in Greek text.

Standing on the reverse is the Greek god Zeus bearing a wreath and a scepter. It is surrounded by the same inscription inscribed in the Kharoshti language..

Very Fine Ancient Silver Drachm

This Indo-Scythians Azes I/II after c. 58 BC Silver Drachm has been authenticated and graded Very Fine by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC) ancient coin division, and encapsulated in a NGC holder with grading certification label. A coin of this grade will exhibit some definition of design details and lettering, and obvious wear, with flattening on all of the highest points. The coin is presented in an innovative clear display case, along with a story card describing the coin's association with the wisemen.

This Silver Drachm will make an impressive addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:35-12 BC
Mint:Ancient Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Finish:Mint State
Holder:Story Vault
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