Home More Indo-Greeks, Silver Drachm Of Nahapana (c.1st Century AD) - "Western Satraps" Issue, Obv. Bust/rv. Thunderbolt & Arrow NGC AU

Indo-Greeks, Silver Drachm of Nahapana (c.1st Century AD) - "Western Satraps" Issue, obv. Bust/rv. Thunderbolt & Arrow NGC AU

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Indo-Greeks, Silver Drachm of Nahapana (c.1st Century AD) - "Western Satraps" Issue, obv. Bust/rv. Thunderbolt & Arrow NGC AU
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Why add this Western Satraps - India Silver Drachm to your Ancients' coin collection?

The dynastic kingdom of Western Satraps; also known as Kshatrapan, grew to include important trading regions of the Silk Road in western and Central India. The kingdom's main form of wealth, trade ensured prosperity and regional stability for almost 350 years from 35-409 AD. There were silver mines in northern India, but not in sufficient quantities for the minting of coins. That all changed with Roman Gold and silver flowing along the trade routes into Western Satraps. During the first century AD, their leader Nahapana established the practice of minting silver coinage based upon Greeks styles.

Symbols from Greek mythology adorn this coin.

Interestingly, they inscribed on the reverse both the current ruler and his predecessor, in this case Nahapana and his father, images include a Greek arrow with thunderbolt, weapons of the sky God Zeus. The obverse is Nahapana bust, right facing profile wearing the dynastic crown of Satraps bordered by name and King in Greek text.

Graded About Uncirculated by NGC.

This Silver Drachm of Nahapana from almost 2000 years ago will exhibit full and sharp detail from a good strike, slight traces of wear on the highest points, and more than half of the original Mint luster remaining. The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded this coin About Uncirculated, which an equivalent Sheldon scale rating of 50-53.

A very interesting specimen to add to your collection. Purchase from MCM today!

Year of Issue:c.1st Century
Mint:Ancient Mint
Grading Service:NGC