Home Silver Histiaea, Euboea (c.3rd-2nd Centuries BC) AR Tetrobol NGC Ch.VF

Histiaea, Euboea (c.3rd-2nd Centuries BC) AR Tetrobol NGC Ch.VF

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Histiaea, Euboea (c.3rd-2nd Centuries BC) AR Tetrobol NGC Ch.VF

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Why order this (c.3rd-2nd Centuries BC) Histiaea, Euboea AR Tetrobol?

This AR Tetrobol once circulated in the markets of ancient Greece on the island of Euboea. A silver coin was known as an obol, and the Tetrobol was worth h4-obols. Six obols made up one gold coin, known as the Drachma, so this was an intermediate unit of currency. Dating back to the second or third century BC, this piece was struck from silver and predates even Ancient Roman coins. It is perfect for the collector who is looking for a connection with some of the earliest roots of Western Civilization.

Striking Nymph Designs

Both faces of this coin feature nymph designs. On the obverse is a right-side wreathed head of the nymph Histiaia. Rendered in stunning detail, she faces to the right. On the reverse, a nymph holds a stylis. She is seated on a galley, a common ship in the ancient world that was powered by rowers.

Well Preserved VF

The experts at Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) certified that this coin is in Very Fine condition. That means that it has at least moderate design detail and retains sharp letters and digits.

Add this Histiaea (c.3rd-2nd Centuries BC) Euboea AR Tetrobol to your collection today.

Year of Issue:c.3rd-2nd Centuries BC
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch VF
CATEGORIES: Silver, More, Ancient Coins