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$5 Gold Half Eagles

Of all the pre-1933 classic gold coins, $5 gold coins are some of the most numerous. This denomination was used more frequently than the coins with a higher face value, so high grade uncirculated examples are a little harder to find but they are available. The $5 gold coin was also referred to as a Half Eagle.

The first of the classic $5 gold coins was struck in 1795. The first design used for this coin was the Draped Bust. Classic $5 gold coins were struck until 1929. Between 1795 and 1929 a variety of designs were used. One of the most popular today is the Indian design, which was the last of the series. It's comparatively younger age has led to higher availability for this design. There are some deals to be had among $5 Indian gold coins, but there are rare issues as well.

If value is your main concern then there are plenty of key dates for each design used, and the older the coin is the more difficult it tends to be to find. Even heavily worn Draped Bust $5 gold coins from the 1790s can be worth thousands.

When it's time to add more pre-1933 gold coins to your collection, MCM has various classic $5 gold coins available for you.

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