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$3 and $4 Gold Dollars

While there are many classic U.S. coins that can be added to your collection without an enormous price tag, there aren't any of them among $3 and $4 classic gold coins. These are some of the rarest of the classic U.S. gold coins and their values show it. These coins are for ambitious collectors who want to add large amounts of value to the old collection.

The U.S. $3 and $4 gold coins weren't particularly heavily produced in terms of volume. The $3 gold coin was struck from 1854 to 1889. Classic $3 gold coins can be difficult to find and they are quite common in comparison to $4 classic gold coins. Of the two, the $3 gold coins are more affordable and easier to add to your collection. There are quite a number of very valuable $3 classic gold coins, especially in higher grades.

The classic $4 gold coins were only struck for 2 years, 1879 and 1880. One of the interesting things about this rare coin is the fact that all of them are proof strikes. Although this coin was only produced for 2 years, there are still 2 main varieties, a Flowing Hair design and a Coiled Hair design. Both are quite valuable and only a small number of each are known to exist.

The classic $3 and $4 gold coins are some of the most challenging options of the pre-1933 classic gold coins. If you collect these, you can always check back to see what we have available.

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