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No collection can be complete without at least one $10 classic gold coin. The original Eagle coin, the $10 gold coin was quite popular during the time it was in circulation. It's 90% gold composition hasn't helped the survival rate for these coins considering the way the price of gold has changed since the gold standard was abandoned.

The first classic $10 gold coin was struck in 1795 and the U.S. Mint stopped production of these coins for good in 1933. Of all the designs that were used for the $10 gold piece, the most popular ones today are the Indian and Liberty Head designs. The Indian design was the last to be used, these coins were struck from 1907 to 1933. The Liberty Head design was the predecessor to the Indian design and it is the harder to find of the two.

Whether you're looking for value or affordability, you can find it among classic $10 gold coins. Among pre-1933 gold coins, classic $10 pieces offer some of the most numerous options for collectors of all stripes.

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