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When you're in the mood to add some classic U.S. gold to your collection, $1 classic gold coins are a great choice. While they can be quite affordable in some cases, don't let that fool you. There are a number of extremely valuable $1 classic gold coins. For some varieties, there are only a handful known to exist and their value reflects this.

There were 2 main designs used for $1 gold coins. The first major type is the Liberty Head design. This is similar to the design found on higher denomination Liberty Head coins. The other major type struck is often referred to as the Indian Princess design. There are several varieties of the Indian Princess design and these make up the majority of U.S. $1 gold coins. The Liberty Head design was only used for a few years.

Classic $1 gold coins were struck from 1849 to 1889. By the time production of these coins stopped silver dollars were being used heavily. The vast majority of the $1 gold coins that still exist today have a regular finish, but there are proof versions as well and they are exceedingly valuable.

Of all the classic U.S. coins, $1 gold coins may not be numerous but they do offer a challenge to collectors. However, like other challenges, collecting classic $1 gold coins comes with rewards as well.

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1888 Indian Princess Gold Dollar NGC PF65+ Cameo
Price: $14,000.00
As low as: $13,587.00
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1889 Indian Princess Gold Dollar NGC MS66