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Design of the American Buffalo Gold Coin

2022 American Gold Buffalo Obverse2022 American Gold Buffalo Obverse
2022 American Gold Buffalo Reverse2022 American Gold Buffalo Reverse

The obverse of the gold buffalo coin features a noble Native American, which James Earle Fraser, the designer of the nickel, said was a montage of the features of several different individuals. On the obverse face, the inscription “Liberty” can be read just right of the Native American while the mint year and mint mark can be found on the lower-left portion. The reverse design features a bison modeled after "Black Diamond," a resident of the New York Central Park Zoo, and the most famous "buffalo" of the day. Above the beast, we read “United States of America” and “E Pluribus Unum”. At the bison’s feet the nation’s motto “In God We Trust” is inscribed along with the face value and the purity of the gold.


The American Gold Buffalo coin is, without a doubt, one of the most artistic gold coins ever issued by the U. S. Mint. Its unique combination of a near exact rendition of a classic coin design and pure gold content make it beloved by numismatists. Some numismatists prefer to own their Gold Buffalos in high independent grades certified by the world's leading coin grading companies, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Because the coins graded by these firms are sonically sealed in acrylic holders, the quality of the coins are somewhat protected from inadvertent damage, and you can enjoy holding and examining these exquisite gold treasures without concern.


Availability of American Gold Buffalos


Like the American Gold Eagles, the Mint State Gold Buffalo Coins are only sold through distributors.


Both bullion and proof American Buffalo Gold Coins are struck in 24-karat pure gold at the West Point Mint; however, as is tradition, bullion coins do not carry a mint mark, while Proof versions do. The coins have proven to be a popular annual release since day one, and sometimes feature with super low mintages like 337,012 for the 50 dollar bullion gold buffalo coin struck in 2006.


The $5, $10 and $25 fractional Gold Buffalos were only struck in 2008 both individually and as sets.In 2008 the mint also issued a "Double Prosperity" set, which includes a $25 Gold Buffalo and a $25 American Gold Eagle. The prosperity aspect of the set relates to the fact that the number "8" is the luckiest number in Chinese culture, so two 2008 gold coins gives you "double" prosperity!

Gold Buffalo Mintage & Sales

Below is a table presenting the mintage figures for the 1-Ounce American Gold Buffalo Coin. Beginning In 2006, the Gold Buffalo Coin was the first 24 karat gold coin from the United States Mint and has been offered in both bullion and collectible proof versions. The 2008 Gold Buffalo Coin not only had the standard 1-ounce gold coin version in both Proof and bullion finishes, but 2008 also had fractional coins of 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 which are not reflected below, in addition to Burnished coins.


Year 1 Ounce Bullion Coin Mintage
2006 337,012
2007 136,503
2008 214,053
2009 200,000
2010 209,000
2011 250,000
2012 100,000
2013 198,500
2014 180,500
2015 223,500
2016 211,000
2017 99,500
2018 121,500
2019 61,500
2020 242,000
2021 350,500

1 oz. Gold Buffalos

Buffalo Gold coins were first minted in 2006 - and for the first time in history, the U.S. Mint created a one-ounce bullion coin minted in 99.99% (pure 24-karat) fine gold to compete with the world bullion market. The Indian Head and Buffalo design crafted for the nickel by James Earle Fraser in 1913 was chosen as the design for this new coin in part because the nickel series (1913-1938) was popular with collectors and features an American icon. The very popular silver commemorative issues from 2001 bearing a similar modified version of Fraser's nickel design further strengthened the case for remastering the design once again for this new $50 denomination gold coin.

1 Oz. Proof Buffalo Gold Coins

Proof strike Buffalo Gold coins have been minted since the inception of the program in 2006. The 'mottled' appearance of the surface of the original Fraser nickel design was carefully remastered into the field areas of these proof coins, giving the proof Buffalo Gold coins a unique appearance. The proof coins of this series were specially minted for collectors and are generally very low mintage compared to Gold Eagles.

The series is wildly popular with stackers and numismatic collectors alike. The Gold Buffalo series was the first ongoing series struck in .9999 fine gold by the U.S. Mint. Currently, the American Gold Buffalo series is struck only in the 1 oz. size.

Proof coins feature one of the finest finish in numismatics. Multiple strikes, specialty preparation, handling and polishing of the dies and planchets will produce these high-quality coins. They also tend to have lower mintages than their business strike counterparts.

The Iconic American Gold Buffalo Proof 1 oz. coin can serve as a spectacular gold coin in your collection or as the first in a new collection of icons of American Numismatics.

Fractional Gold Buffalos

Due to the success of the Buffalo Gold coin, the U.S. Mint offered the 99.99% fine gold coins in four different denominations as a four-coin set and as singles in 2008. Both proof and mint state coins were offered. They proved to be highly successful sellers as many collectors who liked the design but couldn't afford the one-ounce gold coins finally had smaller, less expensive versions from which they could choose. These Fractional Gold Buffalos were offered in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce sizes. The Mint discontinued the "fractional" Gold Buffalo offerings after 2008 making the three smaller sizes one-year types.

Certified American Gold Buffalos

In 1949, a famous numismatist by the name of Dr. William H. Sheldon developed what is referred to as the Sheldon Grading Scale. This system determines the condition of a coin using a 70-point system based on the simple reasoning of a coin that receives a “70” is most likely worth 70 times that of a coin that receives a “1.”

This system, which has become the industry standard, is used by the most trusted and respected third-party grading services, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and when buying Mint State Gold Buffalo Coins, you’ll want to ensure it has been certified to these standards.

ModernCoinMart has been in continuous business since 2004, and, having earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we can assure that any American Gold Buffalo Coin purchased from us is certified with the highest standards. We are members of the prestigious Professional Numismatists Guild, as well as Life Members of the American Numismatic Association and Florida United Numismatists, further ensuring that quality is on your side with each and every coin purchase.