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In addition to the wide assortment of gold coins we carry from the world's leading mints, MCM also offers modern gold bullion and collector coins from other countries around the world and a selection of classic gold coins from Europe and South America.

Some of the gold coins in this category include the very popular 1000 schilling Somalia gold elephant coins, which feature a different design each year that is the same as the design on that year's silver elephant coin.

There are also the Austrian Philharmonic gold coins, which are available in 1 oz. and fractional sizes as small as 1/25th oz. These coins are a tribute to the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and are the leading European gold bullion coins and are denominated in Euros.

Others include collector gold coins such as the Lunar gold issues from Tokelau and other numismatic gold offerings from Palau, Niue, and the British Virgin Islands such as the Disney Princess and Peanuts issues.

Then there is the superb new 1 oz. gold coin from Cook Islands called Armillary. This highly innovative product is actually made of four interconnecting rings that each weigh 1/4 oz. of gold which can be twisted to open up each ring. The coin is designed to resemble a celestial model of the globe.

Then there is our wide range of classic gold coins from European and South American countries. These coins were made many years ago and carry interesting classic designs. In most cases they do not have a lot of numismatic value which means they can be purchased at a very low premium over their gold content.

Some of the classic gold coins we offer are French 20 Franc coins, German 20 Marks, Italian 20 Lire, and gold Peso coins from Cuba and Uruguay.

In addition, we offer the popular 100 Corona and Ducat coins from Austria, including the large-diameter 4 Ducat with one of the most popular classic gold coin designs, and the smaller Ducat coins as well.

Whatever kind of world gold coin you are interested in, MCM is your one-stop gold coin online store. All coins are guaranteed to be genuine, are priced very competitively, and come with free shipping.

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2021 Palau Magical Lamp Shaped 0.5 g Gold Proof $1 Coin GEM Proof In Mint Capsule
Price: $79.95
As low as: $77.59
2020 Isle of Man Noble Ultra High Relief 1/2 g Gold Proof Coin GEM Proof Original Mint Capsule
Price: $69.95
As low as: $67.89
2020 Germany Germania Mint 1 oz Gold Germania 100 Mark Coin GEM BU OGP
Price: $2,580.00
As low as: $2,503.89
SHIPS ON April 26, 2021