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In addition to its popular 50 Peso and Libertad Gold Bullion Coins, Mexico has struck a wide variety of Gold Coins, both bullion issues and commemoratives highlighting its history and cultural heritage.

Over the years Mexico has struck and restruck several different popular Gold Coin Issues.

The Two Peso Gold Coin struck between 1919 and 1948 features the Mexican Eagle and the denomination. Four and half million were restruck between 1951 and 1972, most likely dated 1945.

The Two and Half Peso and Five Peso Gold Coins feature the Mexican Eagle and a bust of Miguel Hidalgo, leader of Mexico's War of Independence. Initially minted between 1905 and 1955, many millions were restruck between 1951 and 1972, making these fractional Gold issues some of the most accessible Gold Coins of their type in the world.

The regular issue Twenty Peso Gold coin contains a half-ounce of gold and was initially struck between 1917 and 1921 and again in 1959. This spectacular coin is the first Mexico Gold Coin to feature the Aztec Calendar.  Over one million were restruck between 1960 and 1971, most likely dated 1959.

Mexico has also issued a number of Gold Commemorative Coins, including coins for the 1986 Soccer World Cup held in Mexico and coins celebrating Mexico's pre-columbian heritage.

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