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The Mexico Gold Libertad is a pure Gold Coin struck in several denominations from One-Twentieth Ounce to One-Troy Ounce of .999 fine gold.

Libertad means "Liberty."  The Mexico Gold Libertad coin is named after Mexico's "Statue of Liberty" that soars high on a pedestal in the center of Mexico City. The statue was erected in 1921 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mexican Independence. The Liberty statue is the central image on the coin.

The Mexico Gold Libertad is the latest in a continuous stream of Gold Coins struck by the Casa de Moneda, the Mexico City Mint, established by the Spanish in 1535. Nearly 500 years after it was founded, the Casa de Moneda is still in operation–it's the New World's oldest mint. In fact, the Mexico City Mint had already struck coins for over 250 years before the first U.S. Mint was even founded!

The Gold Libertad was first minted in 1981. It quickly became a world standard modern gold bullion coin, following in the footsteps of the South Africa Gold Krugerrand (first minted in 1967) and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (first minted in 1979).

Between 1981 and 1991 the Gold Libertad was struck in 90% gold, but the coins all had true gold content from One-Tenth Ounce pure Gold to One Once pure gold. In 1987, a One-Twentieth Ounce Libertad was added. In 1992, the mint changed the gold composition to .999 fine gold, and the Gold Libertad has been struck in that gold purity ever since. At the same time, the Mint revised the image of the angel on the reverse, and changed the obverse to show the current image of the Mexican eagle at the center of the coin surrounded by the ten different eagle designs used on Mexican coins since independence.

Currently, the Gold Libertad is struck in One-Twentieth ounce, One-Tenth ounce, One-Quarter Ounce, One-Half Ounce and One Troy Ounce of pure gold.

Libertads are also struck in extremely Limited Proof Editions. Gold Proof Libertads from the Casa de Moneda represent the very pinnacle of the minting arts so carefully developed for 500 years. Each is minted with highly engraved dies, using specially prepared and polished planchets. Then, the coins are stuck multiple times on a massive press to bring up the stunning frosted relief against the coins' deep-mirrored fields.

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