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The Mexico 50 Peso Gold Coin is one of the most recognized and sought after gold coins in modern history. In 1921, Mexico celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence from Spain. As part of that celebration, the Mexico City Mint designed and struck the most massive gold coin in its history, the 50 Pesos Gold. The design the mint chose for the obverse is a portrait of winged victory, taken from a statue in Mexico City known as el Angel.  This statue sits at the top of a huge column in Mexico City, and is a version of the classic image of winged victory from ancient times. She stands on one foot, about to take flight, holding a laurel wreath aloft. The obverse shows mountains in the background, the 50 Peso denomination, the gold weight of 37.5 grams and the dual dates 1821–1921. The reveres features the Mexican Eagle, standing on a cactus with its wings outstretched and holding a snake in its mouth.

The Mexico 50 Pesos Gold weighs 41.66 grams and is struck in 90% gold, with a actual gold weight of 1.2056 ounces. It's 37 mm in diameter. The 50 Pesos Gold Coins were minted yearly between 1921 and 1931, then again between 1944 and 1947. The striking dates on these later coins replace the 1921 date on the the obverse of the first year's coins, so they read 1821-1922, 1821–1923, etc. Between 1949 and 1972, 3,975,654 50 Peso Gold coins were minted bearing the date 1947, and in 1996 matte restrikes were produced bearing the Mo mintmark of the Mexico City Mint.

The 50 Peso Gold Coins struck between 1921 and 1946 have numismatic value higher than their gold content in uncirculated grades, the most valuable being the 1921 date. Because of their hefty gold content, the Mexico 50 Peso Gold Coins have historically been one of the most popular ways to own gold. With the introduction of the pure gold Krugerrand in 1967, the demand for the 50 Peso Gold Coins diminished, and the mint stopped striking them after 1972.

The 50 Peso Gold coin is still popular with gold buyers and gold coin collectors. Its combination of vintage design and hefty gold content are highly sought after today.

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