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Types of Goldbacks


Goldbacks are found in five different fractional note sizes, all of which contain different amounts of gold within their respective note. Coming in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 Goldback notes, these forms of voluntary local currency have different, unique designs based on their denomination and which state they were produced.


Symbolism Found on Goldbacks

Every Goldback embodies a specific American value: Prudentiae (Prudence), Veritas (Truth), Justitia (Justice), Victoria (Victory), Liberty (Libertas), Fortitudine (Fortitude), Sophia (Wisdom), Caritas (Charity), Prospicientia (Foresight), Gratia (Grace), all of which are represented by a woman throughout various time periods in each of the state’s history. The concept was modeled after the original designs for the Utah Goldback, as they were the first state to accept this kind of currency, and as each Goldback depicts a certain American value, it is a reminder of the gold standard the United States once valued and stood by.


Where Are Goldbacks Accepted?


The Goldback is designed to be a local currency within certain regions where a series exists, that being Utah, Nevada, and New Hampshire with Wyoming Goldbacks coming soon. It is believed that Goldbacks are accepted as high as 50% of small business owners.


Featured businesses in Utah accepting Goldbacks can be found Here .


Featured businesses in New Hampshire accepting Goldbacks can be found Here .


Are Goldbacks Legal Tender?

As a gold product, Goldback notes may serve as a currency or barter tool. In Utah, Goldbacks were made possible by the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011 and other, similar legislation from other states to be used as legal tender in the state. Certain businesses voluntarily accept Goldbacks in the states of Nevada and New Hampshire. While Goldback Notes are not widely acknowledged as legal tender in many locations and are not recognized by the US government, they were designed with the intention of being circulated and widely used as currency in the future! They now provide collectors with an unique option to add fractional 24 karat gold featuring intricate, symbolic designs, to your collection.