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In addition to its signature Panda Gold Coin Series, the China Mint has struck a wide variety of collectible gold coins, many in incredibly limited quantities.
Perhaps the best known of these Gold Coins are the Dragon and Phoenix series and the Gold Unicorn Series.

In Chinese culture, the phoenix and the dragon represent the perfect balance of male and female energies, harmony between man and wife, as well as all the good fortune that such harmony brings. In the 1990s, the China Mint honored this mystic union by issuing special Gold coins depicting a phoenix flying above a Chinese dragon. The obverse of each coin shows a mountainous section of the Great Wall of China. Collectors went crazy for these Dragon and Phoenix Gold Coins when they were first issued, and only a relatively small number of these coins have ever been available since.

Of all the spectacular China Mint Gold issues of the last twenty-five years, among the most elusive are the Gold Unicorn Proofs issued in 1990s. Back then, only a core of dedicated collectors even knew Gold Unicorns existed. Like the mythical creatures portrayed on the proofs, the Gold Unicorn Proofs were themselves somewhat ephemeral – only 2,500 were minted in 1994 and they disappeared from the marketplace into collections around the world. The obverse of each proof shows a child riding a Chinese unicorn above the clouds and the reverse shows our western unicorn amid flowers.

As host of the 2008 Olympic Summer Games, the China Mint issued several Gold Proofs to celebrate the event. Four Gold coins were minted in pure .9999 Fine Gold, each with a flawless Gem Proof finish. Their stunning designs are captured in frosted cameo relief against shimmering mirror fields. The sets feature an ancient equestrian and an archer on two Gold Proofs. Two more Olympic Gold Proofs depict the ancient Chinese athletic events of swimming and weight lifting and the corresponding Beijing 2008 pictograms. 

Of course, China has issued its own Lunar Series Gold coins over the years, including several series of unique Fan Shaped Gold Coins. In addition, the mint has issued Gold Peacock coins, Gold coins honoring the Chinese goddess Guan Yin and a series honoring Ancient Chinese inventions and discoveries.

As you can see, there's more to China Gold Coins than their beloved Pandas.

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