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ModernCoinMart (MCM) offers a wide selection of these incredible Chinese Gold Lunar Coins. Every year, we make sure to source a large inventory of the coins released, allowing our customers to purchase whatever they need. We also offer coins that have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), a trusted name in coin grading. When you're looking to add Chinese Gold lunar coins to your collection, MCM is the place to buy!

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Chinese Gold Lunar Series

Although many World Mints have struck coins commemorating the Chinese Lunar calendar, none are more traditional then those struck by the China Mint itself! The Chinese series is the longest running of all the Lunar Coin series, and it boasts shapes and designs that are unique from any of the others.

The China Mint started minting this series commemorating the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar back in 1981 with an 8g gold coin honoring the rooster. There are 12 animals representing the 12 months in the calendar, and the China Mint began with the rooster and continued with 12 coins commemorating the other animals in their first series. The design changed every year to honor the animal commemorated.

This series has continued from its first run back in 1981, with new issues every year. This is part of what makes them such great collector;s items, as it allows collectors to continue their series every year with new designs, finishes, and shapes. Whether you prefer the gold or the silver version, this is an exceptional modern coin series to collect!