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As one of the leading coin and bullion distributers, ModernCoinMart is proud to offer highly-graded and ungraded Austrian gold coins at competitive pricing. Because of the glowing shine that only gold has, collectors can easily admire every detail in Austrian gold releases. A real treasure, Austrian gold coins are an absolute must for any collection. Know you are getting the highest-quality gold content at the best price when shopping with ModernCoinMart. Add Austrian gold coins to your collection today!

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The Austrian Mint

Considered to be one of the most attractive Mints in the world, the Austrian Mint has been setting the gold standard since its humble beginnings in the 12th century. Located in the heart of Vienna, the Austrian Mint prides itself on not only upholding the responsibility of creating the Republic of Austria's euro circulation coins, but also creating high-quality, circulation coins and blanks to countries world-wide.

With over 800 years of experience, the Austrian Mint is an industry leader known for creating some of the market's most highly-regarded precious metal products. Consistently producing highly-anticipated releases every year, the Austrian Mint is responsible for the Gold and Silver Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins and the Silver Maria Theresa Thaler coins among others. Each coin minted by the Austrian Mint enters the marketplace with an impressive gold coin value that is tied to the Mint's shining reputation.

The Austrian Mint's magnificent building attracts locals and tourists year-round. Though the structure itself is historic, the Austrian Mint is equipped with state-of-the-art coin minting technology. It is owned by the Austrian National Bank and employs over 200 people who together, strike over 450 million coins every year!

Austrian Gold Coins

When shopping for gold, both collectors' and investors' top priority is making sure they get the best quality and quantity for the best price. Because the Austrian Mint's highly-respectable reputation, the gold coins struck there are many times, considered to be cut above the rest. Known for creating stunning designs with impeccable precision, Austrian gold coins are hard to beat.

One of the many notable processes that the Austrian Mint has become known for, is their history of issuing official re-strikes of their most popular classic Austrian gold coins.  With so many stunning Austrian gold coins and bullion creations available, many collectors have a special affinity for the Austrian Mint.

Because they instantly bring the luxurious sheen of pure gold to collections, Austrian gold coins make outstanding addition to your growing collection.