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The Australian Gold Koala is a relatively recent addition to the annual issues of the Perth Mint. The fact that it features one of Australia’s most iconic and best-loved marsupials has certainly been a factor in its rapidly growing popularity. First released in 2008, the Gold Koala comes exclusively as a proof. Each issue is struck at the Perth Mint from .9999 fine gold and is an attractive options for animal lovers and numismatists alike. The design changes every year and is always identical to the Silver Koala; another popular choice among collectors.

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The Proof Gold Koala is an exceptionally rare coin issued by a prestigious Mint favored by collectors all over the world. In the 2017 issue of the coin, only 150 2 oz. pieces were issued, with mintages of the other weights – 500 for the 1 oz., piece, 1,000 for the ¼ oz., and 1,500 for the 1/10 oz. – also extremely low. Discerning collectors looking for stunning coins with exceptionally low mintages would do well to add one or more of these beautiful coins to their collections!

Reverse Design of the Gold Koala

The annually changing reverse designs always features either a single adult koala or an adult koala and her cub. Also incorporated is a eucalyptus tree, the animal’s natural habitat. Recent issues of the coin have included its name inscribed at the top, "AUSTRALIAN KOALA," while all offer inscriptions of the coin’s weight, purity and face value.

Obverse Design of the Gold Koala

Like other coins issued by commonwealth nations, the obverse features a portrait of the reigning British monarch. Since this coin’s inception, that has been Queen Elizabeth II, depicted by an effigy created by Ian Rank-Broadley. She is depicted in a right-side profile wearing a tiara. Inscriptions along the rim provide the monarch’s name, "ELIZABETH II," the name of the issuing country, "AUSTRALIA," and the face value of the respective coin.

Diameters, Weights and Compositions of the Gold Koala

Gold Koalas are minted in four different weights and denominations, $200 2 oz., $100 1 oz., $25 1/4 oz. and $15 1/10 oz., with the 1 oz. version being in high relief. The respective diameters of the coin are 36.6 mm, 27.3 mm, 20.6 mm and 16.6 mm. All are struck from 24-karat (.9999 fine) gold.

What Gold Koala Finishes are Available?

Although Silver Koalas are available in a variety of finishes, Gold Koalas are issued exclusively as Proof coins. That means they are struck multiple times under high pressure with polished dies that are designed to bring out the finest details and most stunning shine.