French 20 Franc Gold, Rooster

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Country of ManufactureFrance (FR)
Currency TypeFrancs
Denominating CountryFrance
Denomination Value20.000000
Diameter (mm)0.000000

Add this much desired 1899-1915 France Rooster Gold 20 Franc Coin to your collection.

Random Date France 20 Franc Gold Rooster Type Coin

Whether you’re a seasoned gold buyer or new to the precious metal, this French Gold Rooster is a great way to get your share. Struck between 1899 and 1915, it’s one of the most beautiful gold coins ever minted. The Gold Rooster shows France’s version of Liberty on one side wearing a crown of oak leaves and the famous French crowing rooster on the other topped by the French motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Now you can order these beautiful and desirable vintage gold coins here. This listing is for random dates of our choice, specific dates cannot be requested. The image shown is a representation of the quality of the coin the buyer will receive.

This Rooster was associated with Kings and Queens

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, numerous European countries issued coins of similar size and gold content to the French Gold Rooster. These Gold Roosters consorted with Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Leopold II of Belgium among others. They were all the gold coins of commerce across the face of Europe.

The minting of the gold Rooster ceased with the start of World War I. Over the years of the war, many millions of French Gold Roosters were melted to pay for arms. By the time the war ended, the French Gold Rooster had virtually disappeared from the pockets of the French.

The melting of millions of these legal tender 20 Franc French Gold Roosters continued during the last century. It has caused the availability of this desirable classic European gold coin to diminish with each passing year. It’s amazing that any have survived. Each is struck in 90% gold and contains .1867 ounces of pure gold.

There's something about gold that has always fascinated and attracted us. Some of the earliest burials found that contained artifacts had gold jewelry in them. As economies developed and expanded, gold replaced barter as a means of buying and selling expensive items, and very quickly after that gold coins appeared on the scene.

This legacy of gold coins as money continued into the 20th century. The crushing cost of World War I dealt gold coins like these French Roosters a near fatal blow, and the Great Depression of the 1930s was their coup de grace. But wise folks never stopped buying and accumulating gold coins, and these French Gold Roosters are still one of the world's favorite ways to own gold!

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