Foreign Coin Lot - Five (5) Full Pounds Mixed Foreign Coins ***At Least 40 Different Countries Guaranteed***
One single sample pound of these coins yielded 112 coins from 45 different countries circling the globe! We got our hands dirty and dug in to see what was in this great mix, and we came up with large coins, small coins, old and new. Singapore, China, India, and Thailand to Zambia, Kenya and Swaziland for Asia and Africa. Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, and Peru for South America. Europe was well represented too, with England, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, and Russia (plus more). How about Scandinavia? Yes, we found Denmark and Norway. Just a few Mexican and Canadian coins, but Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Bahamas rounded out the Americas. A wonderful, fun treat for a bunting collector at a great price!