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Home More Roman Empire, Billon Nummus Of Claudius II (AD 268-270) - Father Of Valentine's Day (w/Display Box)

Roman Empire, Billon Nummus of Claudius II (AD 268-270) - Father of Valentine's Day (w/Display Box)

Roman Empire, Billon Nummus of Claudius II (AD 268-270) - Father of Valentine's Day (w/Display Box)
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Why purchase this Bronze Nummus of Claudius II, the Father of Valentine's Day?

The origin of Valentine's Day is linked to the actions of Claudius Gothicus (Claudius II), Roman Emperor from AD 268-270. Claudius ordered the execution of Bishop Valentine of Terni on February 14, AD 269. Valentine's Day was originally established by the Catholic Church to honor the martyrdom of the Bishop, whose crime was performing Christian weddings against the wishes of the Emperor.

Design of the Nummus of Claudius Gothicus

The obverse features the right facing portrait of Emperor Claudius in a traditional radiate style crown, surrounded by his inscribed name and title "IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG."

The Roman god Mars is depicted on the reverse, portrayed advancing right grasping a trophy in his left hand and a transverse spear in his right. Bordering the image is the partial inscription "VIRTVS AVG," meaning "Brave Emperor," with Mint mark in exergue. Mars in ancient Roman religion and mythology was the god of War, the most important military god of the Roman army.

Bronze Nummus Presented in a Handsome Wood Box

This ungraded Bronze Nummus of Roman Emperor Claudius II, struck AD 268-270, is encapsulated and presented in a beautifully crafted custom wood display case. The coin includes a brief historical account of Claudius Gothicus, describing his reign and the events leading up to his legacy as the Father of Valentine's Day.

Make this Bronze Nummus of Roman Emperor Claudius II, the Father of modern Valentine's Day celebrations, the next addition to your ancient coin collection!

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