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Elemetal Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar
Made in USA

Elemetal Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar - Made in USA
Image 1:Elemetal Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar - Made in USA Image 2:Elemetal Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar - Made in USA Image 3:Elemetal Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar - Made in USA

Why Choose This USA Made Elemetal 1 oz. Gold Bar?

Based in Dallas, Elemetal Mint is a private Mint that has been gaining popularity among stackers, particularly in the past few years. They are developing an excellent reputation for quality products with impressive designs. Elemetal minted this 1 oz. gold bar. It is made of .9999 fine gold. The size of this bar makes it very easy to store, even if you plan to keep it somewhere unusual.

For a bullion product, the design of this USA made Elemetal 1 oz. gold bar is quite interesting. On the upper right corner of the front, an intricate pattern is shown. Below this a gold atom is depicted. This side also displays some of the information about gold that can be found on the Periodic Table of the Elements. The Elemetal logo is featured prominently on the reverse. The inscriptions stating the weight and purity can be found just below the logo, “.9999+ FINE GOLD” and “1 OUNCE TROY.” At the very bottom of the back, the name of the Elemetal website is inscribed.

Order an Elemetal 1 oz. gold bar for your stack today.

Weight in Grams:31.1 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Mint:Elemetal Mint
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