Home Shop By Mint Roman Mint D.42 BC Roman Imperatorial, Silver Denarius Of Brutus NGC AU (Strike:5/5, Surface:4/5)

d.42 BC Roman Imperatorial, Silver Denarius of Brutus NGC AU (Strike:5/5, Surface:4/5)

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d.42 BC Roman Imperatorial, Silver Denarius of Brutus NGC AU (Strike:5/5, Surface:4/5)

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Why purchase this About Uncirculated Silver Denarius of Brutus?

From 58-42 BC, Brutus was a member of the Roman Republic Senate. In 44 BC, Brutus was recruited by fellow senators calling themselves "Liberators," who were alarmed by Julius Caesar's abuse of power after being named "dictator in perpetuity." This Silver Denarius of Brutus was struck in 42 BC, following the Liberators' successful assassination of Caesar.

Roman Goddess of Liberty

The image of Libertas is centered on the obverse, her hair swept back into a knot at her nape, her name, inscribed as "LEIBERTAS" before her. The appearance of the personification of Liberty on Brutus' denarius celebrates the triumph and restoration of liberty, in the absence of Julius Caesar's tyranny

On the reverse, the inscription "CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS" (Proconsul Caepio Brutus) curves above the image of a lyre, a plectrum, which is used to pick the strings of the instrument, and a branch of laurel tied with a fillet, a type of ancient ribbon.

Remarkable About Uncirculated Denarius

NGC Ancients, the specialized ancient coin grading division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, has determined the condition of this Silver Denarius of Brutus to be About Uncirculated, which is equivalent to a grade of 50-53 on the Sheldon Scale. With additional grading of 5/5 for strike and 4/5 for surface quality, the coin exhibits complete detail, with only slight wear on the highest points. More than half of the original luster remains.

This Silver Denarius of Brutus commemorating Liberty in the Roman Republic belongs in your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:d.42 BC
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC