Home Shop By Mint Roman Mint D.42 BC Roman Imperatorial, Silver Denarius Of Brutus NGC AU (Strike:4/5, Surface:4/5)

d.42 BC Roman Imperatorial, Silver Denarius of Brutus NGC AU (Strike:4/5, Surface:4/5)

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d.42 BC Roman Imperatorial, Silver Denarius of Brutus NGC AU (Strike:4/5, Surface:4/5)

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Why add this ancient Silver Denarius of Brutus to your collection?

Brutus served as a Senator of the Roman Republic from 58-42 BC, when Julius Caesar was enjoying increasing power in the Republic. Fearing that Caesar would attempt to overthrow the Senate, a group of senators led by Brutus assassinated Caesar in 44 BC. This Silver Denarius of Brutus was struck in 42 BC as a declaration of restored liberty.

Ancient Roman Personification of Liberty

Libertas, the Roman goddess of Liberty, is depicted on the obverse, with her hair coiled back and gathered at the back of her head. The image is framed by a beaded border and includes the inscription "LEIBERTAS" curving before her.

A lyre is featured on the reverse, flanked a laurel branch wrapped with a fillet (ribbon) and a plectrum, a tool similar to a common guitar pick. This example is struck slightly off center, resulting in a partial legend. The full inscription would read "CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS," meaning "Proconsul Caepio Brutus."

Beautiful About Uncirculated Coin

This Roman Imperatorial Silver Denarius of Brutus, is graded AU, About Uncirculated, with additional grading of 4/5 for both strike and surface condition by NGC Ancients, the ancient coin division at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). This equates to a Sheldon scale grade of 50-53. This remarkable coin will exhibit full details, traces of wear at the highest points, an impressive strike and more than half of original mint luster.

Make this Silver Denarius of Brutus the next addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:d.42 BC
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC