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Crete, Polyrhenium AE10 (Late 4th-3rd Centuries BC) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC Ch. VF (Story Vault)

Crete, Polyrhenium AE10 (Late 4th-3rd Centuries BC) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC Ch. VF (Story Vault)
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Why purchase this ancient bronze coin from the private collection of Prince Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha?

This AE10, bronze 10 mm diameter coin, was struck late 4th-3rd Centuries B.C. in the city of Polyrhenium on the Greek Island of Crete. Imagery of the coin honors mythical traditions dating back to c. 2700-1420 B.C., the period of the Minoan civilization of Crete. Sacrifice of the bull was a key element of Greek religion, holding particular significance in Crete, which regarded the bull as a divine animal. This distinctive coin was once one of the 630 ancient coins personally collected by Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha, an Ottoman Empire diplomat who held the title of Prince of the Island of Samos from 1885-1894. The impressive collection containing primarily coins of Greek and Roman issue was passed down through Pasha's descendants for more than a century, and recently offered up for auction by one of his great-grandsons.

Imagery commemorating the Sacred Bull

A wide beaded border frames a circular shield featuring the image of the head of a bull on the obverse. On the reverse, four Greek letters are equally positioned around an upward pointing spear or arrow head.

Ancient Bronze Coin Graded Choice Very Fine

This AE10 struck in ancient Greek Polyrhenium, Crete, late 4th-3rd Centuries B.C., was graded by the specialized ancient coin experts of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Graded Choice Very Fine (Sheldon Scale equivalent of 30-35), this ancient coin will exhibit almost complete design details with obvious wear on the coin's highest surfaces. The coin is encapsulated, accompanied by a certification label declaring the coin's inclusion in the Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha (1833-1906) Collection.

This bronze coin of ancient Crete from a royal hoard will be a sensational addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:Late 4th-3rd Centuries BC
Mint:Greek Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch VF
Variety:Alexander Pasha Collection
Finish:Mint State
Packaging:Story Vault
Diameter:10 mm
Country:Crete, Polyrhenium