Home More Caria, Isl. Of Rhodes AE27 (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - Ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince Of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)

Caria, Isl. of Rhodes AE27 (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)

Caria, Isl. of Rhodes AE27 (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)
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Why purchase this Greek Island of Rhodes Bronze coin from the personal collection of a Prince?

Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha (1833-1906), Prince of the Island of Samos from 1885 to 1894, began his numismatic collection around 1878. He began this hobby after meeting the French diplomat William-Henri Waddington, one of the most respected 19th century numismatic scholars. The recently auctioned Pasha Hoard of around 630 coins featured primarily ancient Greek and Roman issues, including this magnificent 27 mm diameter bronze coin struck 2nd-1st centuries B.C. on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Rhodes is best known for its creation of the sixth of the seven wonders of the ancient world, a 32 meter (100 feet) tall statue of the sun god Helios, the Colossus of Rhodes, in 280 B.C.

Symbolic Rhodian imagery

Helios the sun god is depicted on the obverse, in profile facing right, adorned with a radiate crown. As the personification of the sun, the Rhodians worshiped the god that drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day.

The image of a blooming rose, the symbol of Rhodes, appears on the reverse. It is accompanied by leaves on each side, surrounded by a fine beaded border.

Ancient Bronze Coin graded Very Fine by NGC

This 2nd-1st Century B.C. Bronze coin of the Carian Island of Rhodes is graded Very Fine by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's specialized ancient coin grading division, NGC Ancients. Encapsulated in a NGC holder with grading certification label bearing the pedigree from the Pasha Collection, the design details of the coin are clearly visible, comparable to a coin earning a grade of 20-25 on the Sheldon Scale, with evidence of wear on all of the highest elements. Coins will come to your housed individually in story vault holders.

This impressive Bronze coin from ancient Rhodes and the hoard of Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha will make a beautiful addition to your collection of ancient coinage!

Year of Issue:2nd-1st Centuries BC
Mint:Ancient Mint
Grading Service:NGC