Home C.500-450 BC Mysia, Lampsacus Electrum Stater NGC Ch VF (Strike:5/5, Surface:4/5)

c.500-450 BC Mysia, Lampsacus Electrum Stater NGC Ch VF (Strike:5/5, Surface:4/5)

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c.500-450 BC Mysia, Lampsacus Electrum Stater NGC Ch VF (Strike:5/5, Surface:4/5)

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Why add this Electrum Stater of Lampsacus to your collection of ancient coinage?

Lampsacus was a flourishing city in the ancient region of Mysia, located on the eastern side of the Dardanelles, its wealth credited to the production of high quality wines. As was common for ancient civilizations, imagery struck upon coinage celebrated the source of the city's prosperity. This Lampsakene stater was struck from electrum (an alloy of gold and silver) c. 500-450 BC with a diameter of approximately 20 mm and a weight of 15.32 grams.

Beautifully Detailed Design

The obverse illustrates the forepart of Pegasos, facing left, with wings curving behind. The image is surrounded by a frame composed of vines adorned with leaves and clusters of grapes. The appearance of the mythical winged stallion is symbolic of the wisdom and freedom of the citizens of Lampsacus. The reverse features a quadripartite incuse square.

Choice Very Fine Electrum Stater

This Electrum Stater of ancient Mysia, struck c. 500-450 BC in the city of Lampsacus, was authenticated and graded by NGC Ancients, the ancient coin experts of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Awarded the overall grade of Ch. VF, Choice Very Fine (Sheldon Scale equivalent of 30-35), the coin also received the grades of 5/5 for strike quality and 4/5 for surface condition. Expect the ancient coin to exhibit a deep strike with almost complete design details, and overall pleasant eye appeal.

Add this beautifully struck relic from the ancient Mysian city of Lampsacus to your collection! Purchase from MCM today!

Year of Issue:c.500-450 BC
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch VF