Home More Ancient Coins 272-240 BC Ancient Greek Boy & Dolphin Silver Didrachm Tarentum ANACS VF35

272-240 BC Ancient Greek Boy & Dolphin Silver Didrachm Tarentum ANACS VF35

272-240 BC Ancient Greek Boy & Dolphin Silver Didrachm Tarentum ANACS VF35
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Why add this ancient Greek Silver Didrachm from the city of Tarentum to your collection?

Tarentum was one of the largest and most prosperous Greek cities in Southern Italy. The city, known as Taranto in modern times, was founded by colonists from Sparta in 706 BC. The colonists named the colony in honor of Taras, the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, and Satyria, a local nymph. Imagery for the coinage of Tarantum was frequently inspired by the mythology of the region, in which Taras had nearly succumbed to the ocean following a shipwreck. The tragedy was averted when Poseidon sent a dolphin to rescue his son, who was returned safely to land on the dolphin's back. An interpretation of the triumphant dolphin and rider graphic currently adorns the Taranto Coat of Arms.

  • This Silver Didrachm was issued by the ancient Greek city of Tarentum.
  • The coin was minted in the years 272-240 BC.
  • The coin is hand-struck.
  • The coin measures approximately 20-22 mm in diameter.

Imagery Celebrating the Mythology of Taras

Obverse: A naked male is depicted on the obverse, seated upon a galloping horse, while reaching forward to grip the horse's mane. The image is a tribute to the cavalry of Tarentum, which were reputed to be exceptionally skilled equestrians and fierce opponents in battle.

Reverse: The reverse features a rendition of Phalanthos, the founder of Tarentum, personified as Taras riding a dolphin, with a kantharos (wine cup) and a cornucopia in his grasp, to symbolize the prosperity of the city. Inscribed "TARAS" in Greek.

Very Fine Ancient Silver Coin

This 272-240 BC Ancient Greek Silver Didrachm of Tarentum (Taras), featuring the iconic boy and dolphin imagery, is judged to be in Very Fine (VF 35) condition by the American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS). Expect the ancient coin to possess slightly flattened surfaces, with full, sharp lettering and virtually complete design elements. The coin is encapsulated in a sonically sealed protective holder accompanied by an ANACS certification label.

This very fine ancient Greek silver 272-240 BC Boy and Dolphin Didrachm of Tarentum will be a beautiful addition to your collection!

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Year of Issue:272-240 BC
Grading Service:ANACS
Finish:Mint State
Obverse Design:Naked rider on galloping horse
Reverse Design:Tara on dolphin
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