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Byzantine Empire, Gold/Electrum Hist. Nomisma of Michael VII (AD 1071-1078) - NGC Ch.VF

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Byzantine Empire, Gold/Electrum Hist. Nomisma of Michael VII (AD 1071-1078) - NGC Ch.VF

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Why purchase this Electrum Histamenon Nomisma of Emperor Michael VII?

The Histamenon Nomisma of the Byzantine Empire was the evolution of the solidus, introduced by Emperor Nicephorus II Phocas in the 960s, in conjunction with the slightly lighter gold tetarteron. By the middle of the 11th century, the shape of the Histamenon had been altered to be wider, thinner and scyphate (concave), to be easily distinguished from the tetarteron. The Histamenon and tetarteron were both discontinued in 1092 as a result of the monetary reform of Emperor Alexios I. This Histamenon was struck from Electrum (EL), an alloy of gold and silver, at the Constantinople Mint during the reign of Emperor Michael VII, AD 1071-1078.

Design of the Histamenon

An image of Christ is depicted on the convex obverse, surrounded by a nimbus cruciger (halo with a cross), his right hand raised in benediction, with a book of Gospels held in his left.

The concave reverse features a forward facing portrait of Michael VII, with a labarum (banner) and globus cruciger (globe with a cross) held in his hands.

NGC Choice Very Fine

This Electrum Histamenon Nomisma, struck AD 1071-1078 for Byzantine Emperor Michael VII, has been graded Choice Very Fine (Ch. VF) by NGC Ancients, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin division. Having a Sheldon Scale equivalent of 30-35, the coin will exhibit a strong strike with virtually complete design details, and attractive eye appeal overall.

This Byzantine Empire Histamenon Nomisma will make an impressive addition to your collection! Purchase this gorgeous ancient coin from MCM today!

Year of Issue:1071-1078 AD
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch VF