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In a world full of coins, there is not much difference in their overall shape. Despite various sizes and metal content, the shape of the coin is nearly always round and thin. There are, however, a few very unique coins struck by various Mints around the world that break these conformities. From domed coins to volcano shaped coins, you will be surprised the examples ModernCoinMart has to offer!

MCM’s Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins


ModernCoinMart (MCM) carries a number of coins that do not conform to the known standard of round, thin metal pieces. These unique examples come from all over the world, bringing shapes and designs unique to the cultures or minting technology of the countries they were struck for. These amazing coins boast low mintages, exceptional eye appeal, and above all – extreme uniqueness! There is no end to the innovation from Mints around the world.


Mercury Shaped Spherical CoinMercury Shaped Spherical Coin

1. 2022 Mercury Planet Shaped Coin from Barbados


Issued by Barbados as part of their Spherical Planets coin series, this 2022-dated issued is shaped like the first planet from the sun, Mercury. Struck from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this coin has been treated with an ultra-dark antique finish, resulting in a realistic surface, just like the planet! No more than 4,879 coins will be issued, a nod to Mercury’s diameter, and since they are sold out at the Mint, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these while you can!

lucky horseshoe shaped coin neiuelucky horseshoe shaped coin neiue

2. 2021 Lucky Horseshoe Shaped Silver Antiqued Coin from Palau


Issued by Palau, this stunning 1-ounce Silver Coin was shaped into the ultimate symbol of goodluck, a horseshoe. Featuring Ultra High Relief and an authentic-looking antiqued finish, each side of the horseshoe is littered with western-themed motifs harkening back to the American frontier. Only 2,500 pieces will ever be struck, so don’t rely on luck, secure your Horseshoe Shaped coin for your collection today.

impact moments meteorite shaped coinimpact moments meteorite shaped coin

3. 2021 Impact Moments Meteorite Shaped Coin from Niue  


Issued by Niue as part of their Impact Moments series, this vivid 2-ounce coin was uniquely shaped, resulting in a dramatic scene of a meteorite striking Earth. Thanks to a High Relief strike, partial colorization, and an antique finish, the scene of a meteor crashing to earth truly comes to life. A portion of the coin has a small gouge, representing a meteorite heading towards the Earth's surface. With a limited mintage of 777, get yours before they go extinct!

American Football Shaped Gold CoinAmerican Football Shaped Gold Coin

4. 2022 .5 Gram American Football Shaped Gold Coin from Palau


Issued by Palau this $1 gold coin is part of the Special Shapes series and features the American football design. This coin was struck from .5 grams of .999 fine silver by a private mint in Germany, the Mayer Mint. It was crafted utilizing Coin Invest Trust's (CIT's) Big Gold Minting© (BGM) technology that permits tiny amounts of precious metals to be struck into intricate shapes. No more than 15,000 of this tiny gold coin will ever be minted.

Tiger Dice Shaped Silver CoinsTiger Dice Shaped Silver Coins

5. 2022 1 Oz. Year of the Tiger Silver Dice Set from Fiji


Issued by Fiji, this 2-piece set includes two 2022 dated antiqued silver dice decorated with Tiger imagery in honor of the Year of the Tiger. Not only are both die struck from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver each, but they are also actually functional and can be used in any dice-based game! Legal tender in the issuing nation of Fiji, both die in this set feature a unique antiqued finish and partial colorization.

Titanic Shaped Silver CoinTitanic Shaped Silver Coin

6. 2022 Titanic Shaped 5 oz Silver Proof Like $10 Coin from the Solomon Islands


Issued by the Solomon Islands, this uniquely shaped coin honors the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the British passenger liner RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912. This coin was struck in the shape of the imposing ship and the fateful iceberg that tragically sunk it. Stuck from 5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver, the complex design boasts a proof-like finish with selectively colorized accents, and no more than 750 will ever be created.

Ocean Blue Eyed CoinOcean Blue Eyed Coin

7. 2022 ColorEYEzed - Ocean Blue Eye shaped 1 oz Silver Proof Coin from Palau


Issued by Palau and produced by the experts at Coin Invest Trust (CIT), this vivid coin is part of the ColorEYEzed series. Struck from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this coin was created thanks to CIT’s patented Smartminting© technology. Vivid colorization brings a natural-looking ocean blue eye to life. You won’t want to rest your eyes too long on this magical Ocean Blue Colorized Proof Coin. No more than 1,500 will ever be created!

Mercury Dime Shaped CoinMercury Dime Shaped Coin

8. Mercury Dime Shaped Silver Matte Coin from Fiji


Issued by Fiji, this legal tender coin pays homage to one of the most classic coin designs ever issued by the United States Mint, the Mercury Dime. Instead of appearing on a round coin, Adolph Weinman’s iconic design has been revived as a limited-edition silver coin shaped like the focus of the design, the bust of Winged Liberty. Historic Mercury Dimes contained just 2.10 grams of .900 fine silver, this modern piece contains a full troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Not only does this coin boast a Brilliant Uncirculated Matte finish, but no more than 999 will ever be struck!

Shield of Henry II Shaped Silver MedalShield of Henry II Shaped Silver Medal

9. Shield of Henry II de France Silver Shield Shaped Stacker Medals


Though not legal tender, these Shield of Henry II de France 2 oz Silver Light Antiqued Finish Stacker Bars is the perfect combination of fine silver and intricate designs that pay homage to history. Struck from 2 ounces of .999 fine silver, each non-denominated medal has been struck into the shape of a shield with an ingenious incuse obverse and high relief reverse design that allows these gorgeous pieces of silver to be stacked. Both faces of the bar feature meticulously crafted battle scenes throughout. Add this blast from the past to your carefully curated collection or growing hoard of precious metals today! 

The envelope of numismatic excellence is being pushed further every day by the above-mentioned Mints and many other numismatic organizations around the world. These companies invent new ways to astonish numismatists with their designs and their skill. And when new, unique coins like these are issued, you can be sure ModernCoinMart will carry them!


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