American Eagle Coin with Exclusive MCM Label by NGC

The American Eagle has been an iconic symbol of the American people since 1782 when it was chosen as our national bird by the Second Continental Congress. Its long life span, majestic appearance, and primarily North American habitat made it the natural choice to symbolize the United States of America on its national seal, postage stamps, coins, documents, and art.

american eagle coin label static bodyamerican eagle coin label static body

An Exclusive MCM Label


\In keeping with the tradition of using this majestic bird on United States coinage, the American Eagle was chosen as the subject and title of the bullion coin program created in Congress by the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 to compete with an expanding world bullion market.


American Eagle coins are struck in silver, gold, and platinum of varying sizes and denominations. The silver and gold programs began in 1986, and the platinum program began in 1997.


ModernCoinMart and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation have combined resources to create the "American Eagle" label, which is exclusively available on American Eagle silver, gold, and platinum coins available through ModernCoinMart.


Designed by MCM staff artist Charles D. Daughtrey, this new label features the on-facing head of an American Eagle looking forward with a powerful gaze of confidence in front of a backdrop featuring the flowing symbol of our nation, the American flag.


Own your American Eagle labeled NGC graded silver, gold, and platinum eagles now by visiting and clicking on the "Exclusive American Eagle Label" category. There you will see the various in-stock products with this attractive label.


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