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One thing that modern collectors have that was unavailable to our forebears is the assurance of graded and slabbed coins in our collections. These preserved treasures have been enhanced over the years by adding provenance and die variety information about the coin on the label. Another improvement as these labels evolve is the highlighting of significant information and cultural symbolism. MCM has over 40 attractive, exclusive labels available to enhance the collections of our clients. Here are some highlights from our exclusive label assortment.


MCM Exclusive Signature Labels


John Mercanti Wedge-Tailed Eagle—few partnerships are as meaningful as the one among the legendary 12th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, John Mercanti, Australia’s Perth Mint and MCM. This landmark partnership has led to the Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle series for which we have an exclusive label. It features the authentic hand-signature of Mr. Mercanti with the Australian flag waving in the background. Imagine having the autograph of someone like James B. Longacre—designer of the Indian Head Cent—or George T. Morgan—designer of the eponymous Morgan silver dollar…now you can with the John Mercanti label. Mr. Mercanti is an icon in the numismatic community and is responsible for more coin and medal designs than anyone else in the history of the U.S. Mint. The Perth Wedge-Tailed Eagle series will occasionally have Mercanti signature labels.


Rick Harrison—This is an exclusive label hand-signed by Pawn Stars T.V. personality, Rick Harrison! He is known as a coin enthusiast and Silver Dollar Specialist. You can find this collectible label on Morgan Silver Dollars and American Silver Eagle issues. If he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll “call a guy.” The label has the hand-signature of Rick Harrison, his picture and the Pawn Stars sign in the background.



Charlie Duke—General Duke is a retired Air Force test pilot, coin collector and the is the 10th human to walk on the Lunar surface. His exclusive signature label has appeared on issues related to the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing including U.S. Apollo 11 commems, the Eisenhower silver dollar which features a modified Apollo 11 reverse, Robbins Medals and the Kennedy Half Dollar.




Sydney Opera House—the Sydney Opera House graces this exclusive label. Australia is a country that celebrates a vibrant cultural heritage, rich with exclusively Australian symbols like the Kangaroo and the Koala. This label has the beautiful Australian flag at the bottom and is used on the exceptional coins struck at the Perth Mint, like the sought-after Perth Lunar Series, Kookaburras, Koalas. This beauty of a label will also appear with the Royal Australian Mint Kangaroos.





Great Wall –this popular label features a photo of the Great Wall of China against a backdrop of mountains and sky on the right-hand side. It has the Chinese flag on the bottom of the label. The Great Wall is an excellent symbol for this label as it speaks to the rich cultural heritage. This label is used for noteworthy items that were struck in China including the iconic gold and silver Panda series and various medals struck by the China Mint.



China ANA Panda—the Giant Panda is native to only China. This iconic animal is inextricably tied to Chinese culture and diplomacy. No better theme could be used on this exclusive ANA label. The label features the photo of a panda on the right-hand side. These labels are included with limited mintage medals that are released at the ANA show.


Great Britain


Queen’s Beasts—one of the most popular and sought-after series in recent years hails from the British Royal Mint. The Queen’s Beasts series surely deserves its own label. Ours features the iconic Buckingham Palace, while the phase “The Queen’s Beasts” appears in bunting below the issue information above the coin. This label is for use exclusively with this phenomenal series.



Big Ben—this label depicts the Elizabeth Tower, home of the clock bell, Big Ben. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage site and sits at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. This handsome label has been used on any issues from the British Royal Mint, including The Tower of London series, the Portrait of Britain series and the various issues celebrating the Royal Family.





Niagara Falls—the Canadian Flag appears on the bottom edge of the Niagara Falls label. The right hand side of the label is an attractive design highlighting the beauty of the Canadian side of the Falls. This exclusive label will be used with any of the issues from the Royal Canadian Mint, including their low mintage wildlife issues and their colorized proof collector favorites.



South Africa


Krugerrand—MCM has TWO fantastic exclusive labels celebrating the Krugerrand and other issues from the world famous South African Mint. The first is a photo-realistic image of a Springbok Antelope backlit by a sunset. The second features the Springbok reverse design and South African Mint logo on the right hand side of the label. Below the bar code phrases like “First Silver Krugerrand” or “Krugerrand 50th Anniversary” appear. These labels will appear with encapsulated examples of the world famous Gold and Silver Krugerrand and the various South African wildlife issues.


United States


American Eagle—this exclusive label uses an iconic image of the bald eagle in profile on the right-hand side of the label. Below the issue information the words “American Silver Eagle” appear with the year in festive and patriotic bunting. The iconography of the label goes wonderfully with your favorite Uncirculated and Proof Silver Eagle issues.



Silver Eagle and Maple Label--Pride of Two Nations Set—these iconic labels complement each other. The American Silver Eagle label features the image of the Heraldic Eagle presented on the reverse of the series. Below, in the right-hand lower corner of the label, the RCM’s Maple Leaf image appears like a privy mark. The Maple Leaf label features the timeless RCM Maple Leaf design on the right with the American Heraldic Eagle appearing in the lower right corner. These labels are exclusively for use with the Pride of Two Nations set.



Pop Culture Themed


Marvel Logo—few brands have been as successful as Disney’s Marvel brand over the last decade. Their quality publishing has fed their blockbuster movies while giving the public fantastic stories and heroes. The red Marvel logo appears below the bar code on the label and a repeating diagonal Marvel motif appears on the right hand of the label. This special label appears on issues commemorating your favorite movies and heroes, like this Tuvalu 1 oz. Silver Hulk issue.


Star Wars—it is safe to say that Star Wars has been a global cultural juggernaut since the 1977 debut of Star Wars: A New Hope. The coins associated with the series feature our favorite characters, iconic movie posters and classic spaceships. The MCM Exclusive Star Wars label has the iconic logo within a black rectangle and looks magnificent with this Niue Darth Vader Colorized proof:

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